Fanatical Military Recruiting is our master class on prospecting and productivity designed specifically for military recruiters.

Our master trainers have delivered the Fanatical Military Recruiting coursework to hundreds of military recruiters across multiple branches.

This high impact, comprehensive training system is focused on developing competencies for prospecting, time management, productivity, and recruiting funnel discipline.

We offer a comprehensive suite of training programs and workshops for military recruiters and recruiting leaders. Our programs span the breadth of the recruiting process and include full courses, short training workshops, and remote (virtual) training. Courses are fully customizable and licensable.

Fanatical Military Recruiting Boot Camp teaches a comprehensive system for prospecting that spans the telephone, face to face, social, text messaging, email, and school and community events. This interactive course is heavy on experiential learning and includes exercises, role-plays, group break-outs, live prospecting blocks, and hands-on instructor coaching.


Course length may expand or contract depending on prospecting channels covered and customization for your unique situation.

In-Classroom: One to Two Days

Virtual Classroom: Approximately 16 – 30 Hours of Coursework (depending on modules covered) – Including 8 to 13 One Hour Live Sessions

Self-Directed: Approximately 30 Hours of Online Coursework and Offline Activities


  • Fanatical Military Recruiting Mindset
  • Emotional Self-Control and Resiliency
  • Leveraging Human Influence Frameworks
  • Funnel Discipline
  • Time Discipline, Calendar Management, and Time Blocking
  • Attention Control and Focus
  • Territory Discipline and Daily Battle Rhythm
  • Recruiting Information System Discipline
  • Effective Messaging – Developing and Delivering an Effective Recruiting Story
  • Lead and Prospect Qualifying and Segmentation
  • Effective Targeting and List Building
  • Strategic Pursuit Planning and Sequencing
  • Telephone Prospecting Effectiveness
  • Leaving Effective Voice Mail Messages
  • Prospecting Objection Handling
  • Handling Gate Keepers, Parents, Educations, and Adminstrator Road Blocks
  • Email Prospecting and Message Development Effectiveness
  • Social Media Recruiting and Effectiveness
  • Generating Referrals
  • In-Person (Face to Face) Prospecting Effectiveness
  • Text Message Prospecting Effectiveness
  • Effective Event Prospecting and Follow Up
  • The Five Disciplines of Ultra-High Performing Recruiters


This course is designed for military recruiters and NCOICs of all skill levels and tenure.


  • Participant Workbook
  • Self-Directed Video Based Modules
  • Access to the Sales Gravy University Online Learning Platform
  • Coaching Guides for NCOICs
  • Four One-Hour, Post Course, Anchor Sessions with a Master Trainer in our Virtual Classroom


This course may be fully customized for your branch, region, state, or learners. Modules may be grouped, adjusted, or removed as needed. Call 1-844-447-3737 for more information on curriculum customization.

The training media, educational design, and delivery connect with adult learning preferences and are responsive to military learning styles. We employ an active learning methodology that blends interactive instruction with experiential learning elements, practice cases, and role-playing scenarios to create reference experiences that anchor key concepts and make training stick.

We offer multiple delivery options that flex to your needs, training budget, learners, and learning preferences. All training programs are delivered by our master certified trainers or may be licensed and delivered by your learning and development team.


Because Fanatical Military Recruiting Boot Camp is highly interactive and skills are developed through doing and coaching, it is most effective when delivered in a classroom environment.


When your team is spread out geographically or the costs of bringing everyone together are too high, remote learning programs are an excellent option. With this option, the course is facilitated by one of our master trainers, once a week, over eight sessions, in a virtual classroom. The live sessions are supplemented with self-directed video based modules, individual exercises, and discussion groups.


We offer a comprehensive self-directed, e-learning course that includes training videos, visual learning elements, reading, audio, off-line assignments, and assessments. The online, self-directed coursework may be used as a supplement for classroom based learning or as a stand-alone. Learners may access the online course on a private, branded learning portal we build for you.


Should you have in-house trainers and prefer that your own team deliver the training, you may license this program. We will train and certify your trainers and supply all of the course material. Give us a call at 1-844-447-3737 to learn more about our innovative licensing options.


This course is designed for military recruiters and recruiting leaders in all branches of the military.


This course may be fully customized for your military branch, command, battalion, station, or team. Modules may be grouped, adjusted, or removed as needed. Call 1-844-447-3737 for more information on curriculum customization.

The Results:

  • Engaged learners
  • Long-term behavior change
  • Significantly higher return on your training investment
  • Improved production, fast.


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