Fanatical Prospecting Book Club Guide

The Fanatical Prospecting Book Club Guide is a companion resource to Jeb Blount's Fanatical Prospecting.

Inside you'll find tips, techniques, and tactics that will help you take your prospecting campaigns to the next level, get into more doors, build deeper relationships, and close more deals.

Sales Gravy Training

Sales teams that share the experience of reading Fanatical Prospecting together are much more likely to break free from the fear and frustration that is holding their team back from effective and consistent prospecting.

This 31-page guide has everything your team needs to set up and run a 12-Session book club including summaries, discussion prompts, individual reflections, and exercises. 

The Virtual Selling Book Club Guide

In the most comprehensive book ever written about sales prospecting, Jeb Blount reveals the real secret to improving sales productivity and growing your income fast. You’ll gain the power to blow through resistance and objections, gain more appointments, start more sales conversations, and close more sales.

Fanatical Prospecting

Book Club Guide