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Your CRM Can Make or Break Sales Productivity

Few things are more crucial to sales excellence than an effective, functional CRM. Yet far too many sales organizations struggle with motivating salespeople to use it, managing complex and overwhelming systems, choosing which 3rd party programs to plug in, aligning with the actual sales process, and getting sales leaders to adopt it into their coaching and management workflows.

Though many sales organizations are actively seeking a better CRM solution, they often lack the staff and the time to migrate to or set up a new CRM. This is where we come in. We are a HubSpot partner specializing in Sales Hub CRM integration, optimization, and management. We approach HubSpot integration from sales up rather than marketing down to develop a CRM that salespeople and their leaders want to use. Our clients love how rapidly we spin up their new CRM and how we help them operationalize the Sales Gravy training system.

Powerful and User Friendly

HubSpot is among the most powerful sales and marketing platforms. It’s our recommended CRM for small to mid-sized sales teams of 500 people or less.

HubSpot is a self-contained system integrated platform (SIP). This means that everything you need to run your sales and service organization is already on the platform. This differs from external integrated platforms (EIP) like Salesforce that require you to plug in expensive 3rd-party apps to make the platform usable.

Because the HubSpot CRM is a SIP, it both cost-effective and incredibly user friendly and flexible. Our sales team uses HubSpot and we’d love to show you our CRM so you can experience this powerful user friendly CRM yourself.

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