The Virtual Selling Video Sales Call Check List 


The Virtual Selling Video Sales Call Check List is a companion resource to Jeb Blount's Virtual Selling.

In Virtual Selling, you'll learn a complete system to:

  • Gain confidence with video, phone, text, live chat, social media, and direct messaging
  • Leverage virtual selling to accelerate the speed of sales and increase productivity
  • Master virtual selling techniques that allow you to separate from your competitors
  • Make virtual selling more human



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Virtual selling is today’s reality and the future of selling. Blending virtual selling skills into your current sales process is powerful. It makes your sellers instantly more productive. They’ll engage more buyers in less time and at a lower cost, shortening the sales cycle, while delivering a better customer experience.

To remain competitive, sellers must shift the way they engage prospects and customers. They must move faster, be more agile, and gain the competencies to communicate effectively through any virtual channel.

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