The Virtual Selling Book Club Guide

The Virtual Selling Book Club Guide is a companion resource to  Jeb Blount's international best-selling book Virtual Selling.

In Virtual Selling, you'll learn a complete system to:

  • Gain confidence with video, phone, text, live chat, social media, and direct messaging
  • Leverage virtual selling to accelerate the speed of sales and increase productivity
  • Master virtual selling techniques that allow you to separate from your competitors
  • Make virtual selling more human

Sales Gravy Training

Sales teams that share the experience of reading Virtual Selling together are much more likely to adopt new skills, accelerate productivity, and increase sales. 

This 31 page guide has everything your team needs to set up and run a 12-Session book club including summaries, discussion prompts, individual reflections, and exercises. 

The Virtual Selling Book Club Guide

Mastering virtual selling techniques gives you a massive competitive advantage because it allows you to engage more prospects & customers, in less time, at a lower cost, while reducing the sales cycle.

The Virtual Selling 

Book Club Guide