A Great Modern Seller Leverages These 5 Skills

In this podcast, Jeb Blount and Amy Franko discuss the importance of modern sellers having strong business acumen and an ownership mindset. They emphasize the value of being able to provide insight to executives based on knowledge of their organization, rather than regurgitating information that can be found online. They also discuss the importance of discipline and habits in maintaining success as a salesperson, especially when working from home. Finally, they touch on the rebirth of field sales and the importance of building strong relationships with leadership.

  • Instead of simply regurgitating information that can be found online, sellers must have a deep knowledge of their clients’ organizations in order to provide business insights that are truly valuable.
  • Ask provocative questions that create awareness of potential problems or opportunities within the organization.
  • Build strong relationships with leadership and even going as far as getting into the “bowels” of the organization to get a better understanding of what’s happening.
  • Modern sellers must also have an ownership, or entrepreneur, mindset. They should look at their sales territory as a business, and make decisions based on the top and bottom line as well as weigh risks and opportunities.
  • Discipline and habits are also crucial for maintaining success as a modern seller. For instance, you should build a strong plan, set goals, track your activities and metrics, and adapt to changes in the sales landscape.
  • Building strong relationships with leadership and being able to adapt to changes in the sales landscape.

What Differentiates A Modern Seller?

The truth is that there are core basic activities that every salesperson must perform.

Modern sellers have elevated these skills, honing the craft of selling to rise above their competitors and sell differently – and better.

When Amy was doing research for her new book, The Modern Seller, she noticed a particular set of skills that stood out from the rest in terms of indicators of success for salespeople. There are the “everyday skills” of prospecting, presenting, negotiating, and closing. Then there are five skills that modern sellers consistently do better than others, and are clear differentiators.

  1. Agility
  2. Entrepreneurship
  3. Holistic Sales Territory and Pipeline Management
  4. Strategic Relationship Building
  5. Ambassadorship

Through Amy’s career and observations, she has found that mastering these five skills is key to standing out as a top seller. Whether you are an individual seller or a leader building these skills in yourself or your team, these are skills that you should prioritize for the future.

Modern Sellers Are Masters Of Business Acumen

One of the biggest challenges for sellers today is the level of business acumen that they are expected to have. It’s not just about having a feature-benefit-price conversation anymore. Instead, sellers must study the client’s business and industry to have more in-depth, business-oriented conversations.

Modern sellers need to display a level of business acumen that other sellers may not possess, or they may need to focus on improving these skills. Ultimately, a modern seller is someone who truly differentiates themselves and stands out for their clients.

The best sellers out there cannot be separated from their product or service because they are a crucial factor in the equation of their client’s success.

Business acumen is essential to connect with clients and demonstrate the value of your services or products in addressing their individual and unique business challenges, issues, and opportunities.

In longer cycle sales, where the complexity is higher, simply providing a standardized proposal deck is not be enough to stand out. Instead, you need to be able to build a bullet proof business case that clearly demonstrates ROI. This requires the ability to show the actual outcomes that the client can expect by implementing your service or product, and how it will impact their business.

If you excel at building relationships and connecting with people, but are unable to articulate how you can help their business, build a compelling business case, or provide guidance in finding an alternative path, then your efforts will be in vain.

The Effectiveness Quotient Is A Game Changer

Being able to build relationships while also having a high IQ about your client’s industry and their specific business is crucial. In addition to having a high IQ and emotional intelligence, understanding your clients’ industry and business, there is also the value of a high effectiveness quotient.

Being effective means analyzing the tactics that you use in your sales week and determining exactly how they help your clients.

One of the key differences between modern sellers and those who came before is their focus on both efficiency and effectiveness. They know how to achieve the greatest possible outcomes in the shortest amount of time possible.

How A High Technical Quotient Keeps You Agile

One of the reasons why modern sellers have a high TQ (technical quotient) is their ability to leverage technology and information. This allows them to spend more time with people and be more efficient with their time. They adopt and adapt technology to their particular situation, while still prioritizing the human-to-human connection that is essential in sales.

What separates the highest performing salespeople from other sellers is the ability to use technology effectively and use the right tools to take their performance to the next level. Embracing technology and the right tools can move you from being an A player to a top performer. Remember that though technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it should never overshadow the importance of the human element in sales. Customers buy the salesperson first, then the product or service.

2 Ways You Can Get Ahead In Today’s World

First, take a look at your relationship with your direct manager and leadership team. Do you have a healthy and connected relationship with them? By building strong relationships with your leaders, they become more aware of your work and are less likely to be unaware of what you’re doing. This is one way to ensure good communication with your superiors.

Another important factor is developing effective habits and discipline in your daily routine. Are you focusing on the right strategic activities? If you are, and you track your progress as needed, your leadership will recognize your efforts, which can significantly contribute to exceeding your quota.

What It Takes To Be A Modern Seller

Being a modern seller requires discipline, good habits, and following a sales plan. These fundamentals will help you work towards achieving excellence. However, you must also have the internal drive and motivation to pursue excellence.

You must take ownership of your day, your sales life, and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices to be successful.

Working from home and being in front of clients is a privilege, and when you view it as such, along with your desire to be excellent, you will have the internal fire and motivation to do what needs to be done.

You can learn more about what it takes to be a modern seller, how to be more agile, and develop an entrepreneurial approach to selling in Amy Franko’s courses on Sales Gravy University.

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