Instructor-Led Training Courses & Workshops

Virtual Selling Skills Bootcamp Training

Virtual Selling Skills Training is the definitive master class on leveraging video-based technology, digital sales tools, and virtual communication channels to engage remote buyers.

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Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp

Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp is the world's most popular master class on outbound prospecting, pipeline development, and sales productivity.

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Sales EQ | Complex Selling Skills Master Class

Sales EQ is our Complex Selling Skills Master Class that teaches sellers to leverage a new psychology of selling to gain a distinct competitive edge.

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Inked | Sales Negotiation Skills Training

Inked is a comprehensive Sales Negotiation Skills master class that teaches sellers how to win at the negotiation table.

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Sales Objection Handling Skills Training

Objections is our master class on objection handling. This foundational sales training teaches the art and science of handling sales objections.

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Coaching Ultra-High Performance | Sales Leadership Training

In this comprehensive sales coaching course, sales leaders gain the competencies to effectively lead and coach and high sales productivity.

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Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting, Onboarding, and Retaining Sales Talent Training

RISOR training helps frontline sales leaders leaders develop the competencies to recruit, hire, ramp-up, and retain top sales talent.

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Message Matters | Sales Communication Skills Training

Message Matters is our master class on effective sales communication and presentation skills.

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SONIC | Sales Objections, Negotiations, & Intelligent Closing Skills Training

SONIC is our powerful master class on effective sales closing skills.

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Business Outcome Selling Strategies | Strategic Account Sales Training

Business Outcome Selling Strategies (BOSS) is our master class for sales professionals who are responsible for selling large, enterprise, global, and strategic accounts.

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Fanatical Military Recruiting Bootcamp

The Fanatical Military Recruiting Boot Camp is our master class on prospecting and productivity for military recruiters.

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Social Recruiting Strategies Workshop | Military Recruiting

The Fanatical Military Recruiting Social Recruiting Workshop helps recruiters learn the tactics, techniques, tools, and strategies for leveraging social media appropriately and effectively.

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