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Free: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Sales Training

Proven strategies and tactics for giving your team a competitive edge without breaking the bank, eating up your valuable time, or adding more to your plate.

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The Seven Steps to Building Effective Prospecting Sequences

This free guide on prospecting sequences will teach you how to develop a series of prospecting touches, arranged in an intentional sequence, to improve the probability that you engage your prospect.

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Fanatical Prospecting Book Club Guide

In the most comprehensive book ever written about sales prospecting, Jeb Blount reveals the real secret to improving sales productivity and growing your income fast.

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Selling In A Crisis Workbook

In this workbook, you will find key takeaways from each chapter and prompts for you to reflect on the reading and take action so that you can immediately begin applying the time-tested tactics in Selling In A Crisis to your own career.

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Selling The Price Increase Book Club Guide

This companion resource to Selling The Price Increase will help you and your team effectively and successfully sell price increases without losing customers.

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Objections Book Club Guide

For as long as buyers have been saying no, salespeople have yearned for the secrets to getting past those NOs. The Objections Book Club Guide will give you and your team the tools to become rejection proof and get to YES.

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Sales EQ Book Club Guide

Ultra-High Sales Performers are leveraging a new psychology of selling—Sales EQ—to keep prospects engaged, create true competitive differentiation, and shape and influence buying decisions. 

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Virtual Selling Book Club Guide

Mastering virtual selling techniques gives you a massive competitive advantage because it allows you to engage more prospects & customers, in less time, at a lower cost, while reducing the sales cycle.

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Improvised Intelligence Book of Play

The exercises in the Improvised Sales Intelligence™️ Book of Play by Gina Trimarco give you the tools, tactics, and techniques to become a more effective and agile communicator in spontaneous sales conversations.

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Find the Right Coach

The tips in this ebook by Gina Trimarco will guide you on the path to finding the right coach for you. From expertise, to personality, and everything in between, Gina breaks down the 10 things you should look for when considering a coach.

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The Seven Rules of Sales Negotiation Training Guide

This ebook is a companion resource to Jeb Blount's new book, INKED.

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A.C.E.D. Buyer Style Playbook

This is the ultimate guide to speaking your stakeholder’s unique buying language. This playbook offers best practices for approaching and flexing to each of the four buyer style types during sales conversations.

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Virtual Training Production Checklist

This checklist is a companion resource to Jeb Blount's international best-selling book Virtual Training. This FREE checklist will help prepare you to deliver legendary virtual learning experiences.

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Video Sales Call Checklist

Virtual selling is today’s reality and the future of selling. Blending virtual selling skills into your current sales process is powerful. It makes your sellers instantly more productive.

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Ultimate Sales Interview Guide

Nothing is more predictive of long-term sales success than excellence in sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and retaining top sales talent.

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Free Chapter: Selling In A Crisis

In Selling in a Crisis, the world’s most sought-after sales trainer Jeb Blount delivers an essential blueprint for staying motivated, keeping your pipeline full, increasing sales, retaining your customers, and advancing your career in times of uncertainty and change.

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Free Chapter: Selling The Price Increase

In Selling the Price Increase: The Ultimate B2B Field Guide for Raising Prices Without Losing Customers, celebrated sales trainer Jeb Blount reveals the strategies, tactics, techniques, and frameworks that allow you to successfully master price increase initiatives.

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Free Chapters: Fanatical Prospecting

In his bestselling book, Fanatical Prospecting, Jeb Blount outlines his innovative approach to prospecting that works for real people, in the real world, with real prospects.

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Free Chapters: Virtual Selling

Virtual Selling is the definitive guide to leveraging video-based technology and virtual communication channels to engage prospects, advance pipeline opportunities, and seal the deal.

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Free Chapters: Sales EQ

In Sales EQ, Jeb Blount takes you on an unprecedented journey into the behaviors, techniques, and secrets of the highest earning salespeople in every industry and field and teaches you how to become an Ultra-High Performer.

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Free Chapters: Virtual Training

In Virtual Training, bestselling author and internationally acclaimed trainer Jeb Blount demonstrates exactly how to deliver legendary virtual learning experiences.

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Free Chapters: INKED

INKED levels the playing field by giving you the strategies, tactics, techniques, skills, and human-influence frameworks required to become a powerful and effective sales negotiator.

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Free Chapter: People Follow You

Ultimately, people follow people that they like, trust, and believe in. In People Follow You, managers will learn five levers critical to influencing the performance of the people they lead.

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Outselling the Holidays | FREE Sales Training

In this special sales training webinar, brought to you by the OutBound Conference, bestselling authors Jeb Blount and Anthony Iannarino teach you exactly what to do to outsell the holidays.

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