1. People are Human

    Sounds pretty silly, right? Sometimes I find myself forgetting that everyone has their own perspective. We can start to assume that others think and feel the way we do, but this is a dangerous trap!  We must put people’s perspectives before our own if we are to truly understand what they want and need. Be empathetic. Remember that ‘value’ is perceived; it is derived from the combination of someone’s needs and desires.

  2. Follow Success

    Does innovation drive market changes or do markets changes drive innovation? Do entrepreneurs drive ideas or do ideas drive entrepreneurs? In both cases, the answer is ‘yes.’  These things happen simultaneously. If you continue doing what works for you, building off of it and making it better, you are sure to win with time. Remember, most winning runs are not grand-slams but consistent base hits – master the fundamentals.

  3. Sell

    If you think that you are not in sales, it’s time to get rid of your ego (see #1) and realize that nothing happens until someone is persuaded to act. Ask questions, listen to the answers and create solutions where desires and needs present themselves. Everyone has something to sell; you are no different.

  4. Revise Your Goals

    I once presented to a large group of college students.  I asked them to write down their biggest goal on a sheet of paper. Once they were finished, I told them to crumple up the paper and throw it to the front of the room. That’s how easy it was to make them throw their dreams away.  I am not suggesting that you throw your dreams away, but do reconsider them from time to time. Stubbornness and pride can really cripple you as you embark on your journey to success and happiness.

  5. Associate with Winners

    It took me a long time to realize that some people want me to succeed and others do not.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that people want you or me to fail (some may), it’s just that your success is not nearly as important to them as their own.  Others are just not as fired up about what you do. Figure out ways to leverage this by incentivizing people to help you or rewarding those that do.

  6. Mentor and Be Mentored

    Never be afraid to look up or down. Regardless of where you are in your journey, there is someone who can help you and someone that you can help.

  7. Be the Birds on the Hippo

    Hippos can’t even scratch their own back – they rely on partners. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Great possibilities are found within strategic partnerships. Yes, partnering requires the release of some control and authority. Yes, partnering means you have to share; but often times you can increase your business exponentially by partnering with the right person/organization.

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Reece Theriot

Reece Theriot has been a salesperson and entrepreneur since he was a toddler. What…

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