Invariably while cold calling you will run up against a prospect who just doesn’t want to listen to anything you have to say. At this point it is important to learn a few techniques that just might get them to open up. If you run into a prospect that doesn’t believe in what your product can do you should respond:

“________, I know you get a lot of these calls like these and I’m sure it gets tiring to hear the same old claim over and over. But the truth is, this is the one call this month that is worth you taking 5 minutes to participate in. Let me ask you…” (ask a good, benefits filled qualifying question here).


“_________, just imagine for a moment that what I was saying did work out, and you were already a client enjoying the steady monthly income, what would you be thinking now?”


“Just suppose for a moment that my product was able to reduce the time and money you now spend in this area just like it does for my other clients. Wouldn’t you be happy you took a few minutes now to discuss this?”


“__________, no good idea ever entered a closed mind. Now you didn’t get to your position by saying no to everything, rather, you probably had the good sense to be open minded and to evaluate new ideas based on what they had to offer.

Let’s do this – let’s take just 2 minutes to find out if this can help you, and if it can we can schedule time later to go through it. Isn’t that fair?”


“__________, as a (their position), you probably get pitched all the time, so I don’t blame you for being gruff with me right now. But let’s be honest – every now and then you have to be open to new ideas that will help you, and I’ve got one right now. Let’s make a deal: I’ll ask you a couple of quick questions and if it makes sense for you to hear more, we’ll schedule a time for me to (call you back or visit with you) and you can learn more.

Now, let me ask you…”


“________, why do you think that some of the (top business people, top financial advisors, your top business competitors), are recommending or participating in this very same program or product right now?”


“_________ I don’t blame you for being negative right now, I hate it too when sales reps call me and try to sell me something. Tell you what I’ll do. I’ll put something in writing to you and you can review it at your leisure – will that work? Great. Then let me ask you briefly how you’re currently handling (qualify here and try to open up the dialogue).


“Besides the tremendous dependability and service reputation our product has, why do you think so many companies are doing business with us?

These are great techniques to get your prospect thinking positively and actually thinking of reasons why they should buy. Again, as with any technique, have these scripted or formatted so they are available to you and so that you can deliver them confidently and professionally. This way you will also be able to listen and gather more information rather than thinking about what you are going say next.

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