How many times do you ask for the sale?

Do you ask for it in a round-about, soft way and then give up if your prospect says no? Or do you even ask for the sale at all?

How many times have you seen a commercial (either a TV ad, a public billboard, ad in a magazine, etc.) for Coca Cola? Perhaps I should ask, how many times a DAY do you see one?

Now you’d think that people already know about Coca Cola, but did you know that Coke still spends billions of dollars a year on advertisements?

It’s the same reason that infomercials run over and over and over again. After you’ve seen the same infomercial 50 times, you begin to consider it.

After another 50 times, you think you might actually use it. Another 50, and some of you decide that you’ve got to have it – I mean, heck, they’ve run this commercial at least a thousand times, there must be some value to this, right?

The Rule of Five

I remember my first sales manager used to say to us that we weren’t even in the closing arena until we had asked for the sale at least five times (and gotten a “no” five times, by the way). After that, he’d say, you’re finally closing.

How much more successful would you be if you asked for the order five times and had a prepared response to each objection and, after answering it, asked for the sale again?

Now I know there is a fine line between being obnoxious and being persistent, but if you’re able to be persuasive and persistent, you are sure to close more deals.

It’s like Coca Cola. If they had run one ad and quit, we’d all drink Pepsi today.

So, how do you ask for the order over and over again?

You have options: you can use trial closes, assumptive closes, or flat out closes.

Nine Scripts to Help You Close More Deals

  1. Soft Trial Close 1

    “Have I given you enough to say yes yet, or do you need to hear more?”

  2. Soft Trial Close 2

    “Do you have any more questions or have you decided to put us to work for you?”

  3. Alternative Close

    “Most people choose the starter pack and that works out great. Would you like that, or do you think the professional package is better for you?”

  4. Time Sensitive Close

    “Our system can be set up in a matter of a week – and the sooner you give us the O.K., the sooner it’ll be working for you. Would you like to get started with this today?”

  5. Close After Overcoming an Objection

    “….And that’s how my other client got over that hurtle. I’d recommend you do the same; you’ll always be glad you did. Let’s go ahead and get you signed up for this – which credit card would you like to use today?”

  6. Overcoming the Partner Objection Close

    “Since your (partner, spouse, etc.) goes with whatever you think is best, they’ll probably go with this as well. In the meantime, let’s go ahead and get the paperwork done and a delivery date set. If they change your mind, you can simply call back in, but in the meantime, you’ll have all this completed. Now how would you like to pay for this?”

  7. Flat Out Close

    “Now ________, we can go back and forth on this and I’m sure you can come up with many more reasons not to do this – but let’s face it: you know you need it, and I know you want it! So let’s go ahead and move forward. What’s your preferred payment method today?”

  8. Assumptive Close

    “It sounds like you understand this now, so what address would you like this delivered to?”

  9. Q&A Close

    “Did I answer that for you? Do you have any more questions? No? O.K., great – then welcome aboard! I know you’re going to enjoy this as much as my other clients do. How would you like to pay for this today?”

If you’ve done your job and properly qualified your prospect, then chances are they actually want to buy from you.

So make it easy on them by asking for the sale at least five times. Remember, the magic happens around the seventh close.

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