What’s one of the biggest differences between the top 20% and the bottom 80%? The bottom 80% are still using stale, phony techniques that don’t work, and they are still trying to trick the gatekeepers and assistants as they try to get to the decision maker. All this does is identify them as another pesky sales rep trying to sell something the prospect doesn’t want.

The top 20%, on the other hand, have found that by being honest and real – I call it “Straight Selling”- they not only differentiate themselves from their so called competition, but they are also able to make a real connection and so establish the kind of rapport that is crucial for any sales transaction.

Here are a couple of scripts you can use to begin practicing straight selling:

If while cold calling, your prospect says they are not interested, use this response:

“I don’t blame you, _________, you’ve never heard of me and you don’t know what my company does or how it can help you. I’m sure you get sales calls all the time, but I’m also sure that sometimes a call turns out to be truly worthwhile. This happens to be one of those calls…” (Now provide a benefit, or ask a question)

If you reach an assistant and are told they will take a message, say:

“You know,  ________, I’m sure you work closely with _______, right? Great. Listen, I’ll be honest with you – I don’t want to bother you by calling and calling trying to reach ________, so let me tell you why I’m calling and you can tell me if you think this would be something he’d be interested in hearing more about…” (Now ask qualifying questions to see if they’d be a fit)

If your prospect is avoiding you after you’ve sent info, or is putting you off, when you finally reach them try:

“________I’m glad I finally reached you, and let me ask you something and please be honest with me – I’ve tried to connect with you several times, and the timing just never seems to be right. Level with me – is this just something you’re not really interested in at this time, or do you sincerely want me to schedule another time later to go through this with you. You tell me…” (Now shut up and listen to their response.)

As you can see, these straight selling techniques will not only give you the respect you deserve, but they will separate the buyers from the non-buyers. And that is one of the most important top 20% techniques of all.

About the author

Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks is the founder of Mr. Inside Sales, a North Carolina based inside…

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