It has been institutionally drilled into us that we have a set time limit to do everything within our career. Therefore, there is no shock why some of us become paranoid about the unforgiving minute. We often say, “if I just had a little more time then…” 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND the one thing we can guarantee is this:  We will never have more time from the past to do anything.  The past is the past, LET IT GO!

But the greatest thing about time is that it is exactly predictable. Just as we know the sun will rise in the east and set in the west. But, we often treat time inappropriately and as a result time treats us the same way. It is like being at break near the beach. If you stand at the break facing the wave, it will constantly beat on you. However, if you stand just before the surge begins and go with the wave as it develops its full power, you can literally ride the wave without any damage. So too can you ride time.

Knowing that we have to do a presentation at 10:30 am tomorrow, it is unwise to wait until 10:25 am, 10:00 am or 9:00am to begin the final planning for our presentation.   We can get ready for the presentation the preceding day.  We can think through the number of copies of the presentation we need, who needs an electronic version, plan how we would like the room setup, and send out a confirmation email about the upcoming presentation. This enables us to turn in the same direction of time.  So, as 10:30 am approaches, we avoid the feeling of a time deficiency panic frenzy. We are ready for the presentation. 

Being prepared increases our confidence significantly. Increased confidence improves our career opportunities dramatically.

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Sy Bryant

SY BRYANT dedicated the past 12 years to develop a career development approach suitable…

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