Are you a manager or business owner looking for a way to have a better year? Follow these top five priorities to improve your sales team and make your revenue numbers for the year ahead:

1) Upgrade Talent. Your team results, like any team, will only be as good as the players on the team. Assess your team players and be honest with yourself. Ask, “Who is likely to be at or near goal in three months, and who isn’t going to improve?”

Chances are, you’ve got some reps on your team who you know just aren’t going to make it. Replace them in the first quarter and get better talent in there that you can work with.

2) Provide specific, scripted, sales material and procedures for your reps to follow and make sure they adhere to them. You have to give your reps the tools to succeed, and then you have to monitor them to use the Best Practices you’ve provided them with.

3) Record your reps. This is the absolute best way for your to make sure your reps are using the proper sales tools you’ve provided them with. It’s also the fastest way to know who’s going to make it and who’s not.

Also, you’ll be able to get everyone on the same page quicker as well.

4) Be more hands on. Get in the practice of taking over calls, going out on appointments with your reps, and helping them close deals. Get out on the floor, be more visible, and cut back on all those meetings!

Nothing will help your reps, your company and yourself more than showing them how to do it, putting money in their pockets and helping them make quota at the same time.

5) Motivate yourself. Find a way to get positive each morning, and make sure you are the leader that exudes confidence. Your team will always follow your lead. My question is: Is your attitude and level of expectancy worth catching?

If not, then you need to work on yourself before you do any of the above.

About the author

Mike Brooks

Mike Brooks is the founder of Mr. Inside Sales, a North Carolina based inside…

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