For those of you who have either met me or watched me present a speech – you know I’m a little crazy and I absolutely shoot from the hip.  Hey – I can admit it. 

Now I have made some mistakes with this over the years. When I first started presenting I was a little tooooo over the top (yes – I even wore a black cocktail dress, a tiara and a feather boa – don’t laugh!)  I even danced on a stage with a broom once.  Don’t ask. Then, I toned it down too much which wasn’t right for me either. 

Now I’m my out-spoken, leather and often jean-wearing self.  Plus usually something sparkly – in both my sales tips and stories and attire! And I speak internationally – in fact, I’m even in the works of doing something in Paris. (Keep your fingers crossed!) All of this didn’t happen because I was blending in with the rest of the speakers of the world. I made a choice years ago that has made all the difference and you need to make one too.

2 Crazy Sales Tips To Make You Gasp

I see something all the time that drives me absolutely around the bend. People and companies who are only consistent at being BORING. I guarantee they struggle with NOT getting attention from potential customers. They are constantly dropping their rates and they pretty much say YES to every customer that drops in their path. Did I just describe YOU?
2 Hints I Want You To NEVER FORGET:

  • Focusing on a SPECIFIC NICHE makes MORE MONEY

By the way, you don’t have to be out-spoken or wear sparkles to be memorable.  You can be yourself with a TWIST.  And, your company should have a TWIST as well. Remember, customers buy from companies that make them GASP with delight.

I Diva Dare You to sit down and review why a customer would find you and your company memorable and also WHY you should be focusing on niche markets.
You’re crazy if you don’t.

So there.

Love from your bossy Sales Diva,

About the author

Kim Duke

Kim Duke is The Sales Diva! She's an unconventional, sassy and savvy sales expert…

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