How to Reduce Cold Calling Anxiety

It’s natural to feel anxiety when cold calling. Calling and interrupting strangers can easily strike fear in your heart.

When cold calling, you have only seconds to grab your prospect’s attention and get them to engage. You must be relaxed and confident in your approach and message.

Yet, this is a huge challenge when you feel cold calling anxiety and everything inside you just wants to hang up the phone and run. Further, prospects can sense your anxiety which pushes them away.

So how do you make a successful call without causing the client to simply hang up?  How do you make the conversation seem less ‘salesy’ and more real?  Simple – by changing your current mindset and attitude!

From the moment you pick up the phone to the moment they answer, changing your mindset towards cold calling will get you a better response and reduce the stress you feel.

You can release the pressure from your cold calls with these 3 tips.

3 Tips for Reducing Cold Calling Anxiety

  1. Change your attitude about cold calls. When you hold negative thoughts and a negative attitude the Prospect can sense that. Shift your attitude from a negative – I hate cold calling –  to a positive – cold calling helps me reach my goals. You’ll get much more positive reactions from prospects.
  2. Do some planning and research. Research the company or prospect before you call them. This will help you craft a relevant message that will compel your prospect to engage.
  3. Focus on solving problems. Remember that the reason you are calling is to help your prospect solve problems. Focus on your intent, not the interruption. The cold call is simply a first step in determining if they are a fit for you as much as you are a fit for them.

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