The one powerful question everyone in your company needs to answer correctly is: What do we do FOR our clients?

Aligning everyone in the company to answer one question can do more for your bottom line than the new software you just implemented.

It’s not the answer to, “What do we sell?”

It’s not a bad question; after all you sell a specific product (or product line) or a service, right?

Yet there’s a more important question you need to ask yourself: Does everyone in your company— sales, marketing, customer service, all leaders, production people, finance—not only know what you sell… but what your product or service really does for your customers?

  • Does your product or service provide a solution to a buyer’s problem?
  • Does the solution create or capture an opportunity for that buyer to do something more effectively, or to achieve something they didn’t realize they could?
  • Does your solution satisfy a need or fulfill a want or desire?

Too often we get so focused on what we produce or deliver that everyone in the company loses sight of the real value of the product or service.

Last week I was with a sales team when the owner asked the group, “What do we do?”

There was a long silence and then some short responses on the service that was provided.

He dug deeper… “What do we do FOR our clients?” More silence.

He continued, “We help our clients capture more sales. We provide our clients more time in their day to focus on what they do best by taking away the time suckers.”

That got the ball rolling…

The one powerful question everyone in your company needs to answer correctly is:

What do we do FOR our clients?

Ask this question of everyone in your company. Use it to start to pave the path to refocus everyone on what really matters…what your solution does for your customers.

Then reinforce it internally whenever you can so that your entire front line can explain it in all their conversations with prospects, customers, and anyone who wants to know what your company does, and more importantly, why they should care or want what you offer.


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Nancy Bleeke

Sales expert Nancy Bleeke helps companies and individuals increase sales 5 to 25 percent…

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