Just Send Your Material

Here you’ll find five new scripts to help you separate the real buyers from those prospects who will just end up wasting your time.

One of the biggest traps sales reps fall into is the “Just Send Your Material” objection.

In their zest to create leads to call back, most reps will oblige and send their quotes, demos, and other information thinking that they at least have a chance to close the sale once they call back.

But let me ask you: How many people who tell you this actually close?

If you’re like most reps, the answer is very few.  So how do the top 20% handle his obvious brush off?

They use carefully prepared scripts to handle this objection and get their prospect to reveal how interested they really are.

5 Scripts For Overcoming The “Just Send Your Material” Objection

Script #1: Buying Time

“I’ll be happy to do that __________, but until we know if this is truly a fit for you, we’d be wasting your time. If you’re serious about learning how this can help you, then I’d suggest we take a couple of minutes right now to discuss your situation. After that, if you’re really interested, I’d be glad to get something out to you – is that fair?”

Script #2: Take Their Temperature

“I’d be happy to _________. Quick question though, and please be honest with me: When do you think you’ll be serious about moving on with something like this?”

Script #3:  Sooner Rather Than Later

“If you like what you see, when would you be ready to place an order?”

Or, “Sure, and after you review it, how soon are you looking to make a decision on it?”

Script #4: Qualifying Questions

“Before I do, I want to make sure you’d be ready to act on it if you like it. Let me ask you a quick question: (Ask qualifying questions on budget, decision-making process, etc.)”

Script #5: Focus on Them

“___________, my experience is that information like this, even when it’s this good, usually just gets buried under a stack of paper and that doesn’t do either one of us any good. Now that we’re on the phone together, I can answer any of your immediate questions and then you’ll be in a better position to decide whether or not it makes sense to send you information. Let me ask you about your needs for this type of (your service or product).”

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