Ultra-High Performers are Sales Detectives

Ultra-high performers know that opportunities do not usually come to them— they must leave no stone unturned to hit their number. Think like an ultra-high performer and do some detective work to make your next sale.

Make Sales Investigation Part of Your Daily Regimen

An investigative mindset helps ultra-high performing salespeople uncover clues that lead to more business.

Every morning, like clockwork, I log in to social media to like, comment, or share relevant information.

Checking LinkedIn for updates, posts, and status changes has become a natural part of this process and recently, this daily practice has led to more business for me.

Here’s how doing a little “detective work” can help you hit your number.

How Looking For Clues Helps You Close More Business

I noticed a connection had changed jobs. This often happens and what most salespeople normally do is simply notice it and then move on to the next post on their feed.

However, you need to take the time to do some investigating in order to unearth hidden opportunities.

In this case, I checked out my contact’s new company. Next, I posted a nice note to them and drilled down on some congratulatory comments from other connections.

It was here that, upon examination, I saw a few mutual connections had posted questions that were pertinent to challenges that we solve for people.

The questions had responses, so the sleuth in me scrolled further until I hit the jackpot: someone was in planning mode for training their teams. I immediately sent a note and set a meeting with them the same day.

The only way I discovered this opportunity was by taking the time to peruse the threads of connections that we all have. In short, doing sales detective work.

3 Investigative Techniques for Sales Detectives

Take Advantage of Trigger Events

You can capitalize on trigger events or moments of opportunity that otherwise you may not realize. In the case above, there would have been no way for me to find out that someone was in need of our services unless they reached out to me first.

By investigating the social chain of connections and getting in contact with them first, I got ahead of the curve— knocking out the competition before they even knew it.

Leverage the Availability Bias

People often make decisions based on the information that is in already in front of them. This is called the Availability Bias.

Following this logic, if you present information to someone, that they will make decisions based upon what you show them.

Having an investigative mindset allows you to get there first and be first in line when it comes to the decision making process.

Build Familiarity to Establish Connections

Lastly, the Law of Familiarity will come into play—big time. Your detective work may not always find opportunities, but the process you adhere to will always build familiarity with the contacts and connections in your network. That greater familiarity will breed likability over time. It always does.

Drive Relationships With A Focus on Value

Ultra-high performers with this mentality are not trying to “sell people” on a product or service.

They are focused on awareness and value and looking for moments in time to articulate this.

Selling will be organic and will naturally occur—and in the end drive stronger customer relationships.

Be the Sherlock Holmes of sales. Be more curious and investigative in your approaches.

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