Economic winter is coming. Storm clouds are brewing. And with it is going to be a recession. On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, Jeb Blount discusses why you need to prepare right now for the economic storm.

This Time Will Be Different

This recession will be different than anything we’ve recently experienced because we’ll also be dealing with inflation. There will be the potential for the long slog of stagflation in some some economies. 

We are still going to have some supply chain issues and interest rates are going to be crazy. If you need to borrow money, it will be painful.

There will be poverty and hunger. People who can’t afford the cost of energy will be shivering in the cold. In the midst of this economic downturn and disruption we’ll be dealing with war and the potential for a nuclear confrontation. 

All you need to do is look at your news feed and it’s frightening.

Get Right With Reality

If you are a sales professional, the big question is what should you do to prepare for the storm right now? 

Helping you to prepare is one of the key reasons I wrote my new book Selling In A Crisis.

Sales professionals are always on the leading edge of the economy. We are going to get hit hardest by the economic storm and we’re the ones that are going lead the world out of this mess. 

The most important thing you can do is to be right now. Focus on what you can control in the present.  You’ve got to get right with reality and reality is, winter is coming. 

This Ain’t Easy Street

It is not going to be easy. A few months ago your phone’s ringing off the hook today. Today, nobody is going to call you.

Therefore, you are going to need to start hunting to find the money that’s still moving. And there’s always money moving. But it’s going to be a tough grind to find it. 

Look around. Half the people that you work with right now won’t be here when we get to the end of this economic downturn. They won’t be willing to step up to the plate and do the hard work.  

This ain’t easy street. That’s why you have to get right with reality. Right now and prepare to work harder.  Start With Right Now Actions

What can you do right now to:

  • get your mindset right?
  • get connected to reality?
  • let go of your need to find Easy Street?
  • protect your income, family and career?
  • invest in yourself?
  • improve your sales skills?

Rather than worrying, focus on the three things you can control. Your actions, reactions, and mindset.  

In Selling In A Crisis Jeb gives you 55 easy to consume tips, techniques, and tactics that are time-tested and proven to help you stay on top when everything and everyone else is down.

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