If you were to poll all of your customers as to why they bought from you, they would respond with a variety of reasons. What follows are the most common reasons why people choose to make a purchasing decision and when they are ready to buy.

People make a purchasing decision when:

1.   It is the right product or service that they are looking for.

2.   They want to buy.

3.   They are comfortable with the price of the purchase.

4.   They are comfortable with the company that is representing the product or service.

5.   They like and trust the salesperson.

6.   It is affordable to them.

7.   They like the advantages of what the product or service has to offer.

8.   They visualize the positive changes/benefits of the purchase.

9.   They see the urgency in taking action to minimize/eliminate a problem.)

10. They are comfortable making a buying decision.

11. They think that they have gotten a “great deal.”

12.  The timing is right for them to make the purchase.

13.   The value derived from the investment outweighs the cost incurred.

14.   They are impulse buyers. (Motivated by the emotional aspect of the sales process and the product’s potential)

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