The telephone is the ultimate virtual selling tool.

Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, it has been the work horse of virtual selling. Yet, I’m seeing posts everywhere these days with headlines that read: “Make the telephone your new best friend.”

We’ll here’s the deal, the telephone has always been the sales professional’s best friend. It never left you. It’s always been by your side.

In fact, there is one attached to you right now. I know, I know, most people these days use it for texting, Facebooking, watching cat videos, playing games, checking the news, and taking pictures.

During the coronavirus outbreak we’ve even learned just how many people take it into the bathroom with them.

But right there, underneath all of that noise, is a glorious phone that you can use to talk to people. For outbound prospecting it is the most powerful tool in your sales arsenal. For closing transactional and one to two call sales, it is un-paralleled.

The telephone is a tremendous tool for building relationships, checking in on your customers, gathering information, solving problems, and dozens of sales tasks that require human to human connection.

So, put the cat video down, and pick up the damn phone.

About the author

Jeb Blount

Jeb Blount is one of the most sought-after and transformative speakers in the world…

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