5 Tactics to Create Scalable Sales Skills

Ultra-high performers have sales skills that are built to scale. These skillsets are responsible for their adaptability and achievements, even during tough economic times. The following tactics can help you develop scalable sales skills that will make you more versatile and successful no matter the circumstances.

In times of disruption, ultra-high performers seem to accelerate faster. They make more contacts, create more opportunities in the pipeline, close more deals, and make more money.

They do this even when economic times are on a downward spiral. It seems crazy and unlikely, but there is a reason why this occurs. Ultra-high performers have sales skills that are built to scale.

They have invested in creating skillsets that will weather the test of time—good or bad and everything in between.

The good news is that no matter where your skills are, there is hope. Here are 5 tactics to create scalable sales skills:

  1. Virtual selling skills are here to stay.

    The best individuals and companies are constantly adjusting and pivoting. What may have worked 30 years ago, certainly may not work today. The best have wholeheartedly embraced the techniques around selling virtually. They know that blending traditional selling with virtual selling will allow them to optimize coverage in their territory, touch more prospects, and increase their win probabilities as a result. The research numbers do not lie. According to a Gong.io study, leveraging video in your sales process increases closing percentages by a whopping 41%. A HippoIO study has also found that video messaging decreases the sales cycle by a stunning 40%.

  2. Discovery skills never go away.

    In rough times, desperate salespeople tend to do and say “unnatural” things that signal red flags to any prospect. Instead of probing, they pitch. Prospects pick up on their desperation and pull away. The salesperson keeps pitching because they are spiraling downward and their prospects pull even further away. Continued separation occurs. Even when times are not so great, asking great questions still works. The more questions you ask, the more you remove yourself from a state of desperation and into a state of guidance. In rough times, prospects are certainly seeking guidance! They need to find ways to maneuver through their current situation. Salespeople that guide are salespeople that win, and winning starts with discovery questions.

  3. Time management works in any environment, at any time, and anywhere.

    Generally speaking, most people are dreadfully bad at managing their time. They think that they can multi-task and fail to realize that effective multi-tasking is an impossibility. Instead of taking charge of their day, they let the day control them. Breaking EVERY day up into definitive chunks of tasks allows the ultra-high performer to maximize the 24 hours that we are all given each day. The paradox of time management is that it is very simple, yet so very hard. Start here: block off periods of time and allocate specific tasks in those blocks. Then, stay true to your mission. Repeat this the next day. Over the course of the 30 days, you will create a habit that will allow you to excel—no matter what the circumstances may be.

  4. Thoughtful content is useful content.

    What we have seen is that ultra-high performers DO NOT WAIT for others to post, curate, or share useful content. They take it upon themselves to push useful, educationally related content into the marketplace. Prospects don’t “lean into” pitches, but they will lean into relevant and useful content. I built several consulting firms on the backbone of providing good content. It naturally allowed me to become an expert and we know this to be true—people crave expertise that can help their businesses. It starts with content and it starts with you.

  5. Consistency wins.

    Ever hear of Tommy Tutone? How about Soft Cell? Toni Basil? These artists all had “one-hit” wonders. Tommy Tutone’s song was 867-5309/Jenny and it hit #4 on the Billboard Top 100. But that’s it. Now, ever hear of Britney Spears? Taylor Swift? U2? Of course you have. These artists had multiple hits. The difference between the first group and the second group is consistency. Plain and simple. Consistency created familiarity which translated into more success. It’s how social influence creates a snowball effect of good momentum. Ultra-high performing sales people fundamentally understand that the more consistent they are, the more momentum they create, which in turn creates more success.

Take this to heart. Each one of the above will enable your success. If these strategies for developing scalable sales skills are the cornerstones of your sales philosophy, you will be able to maintain high levels of achievement.

There are no tricks. There is no “magic sauce” to your success. You must grind every day. You must persevere. Ignore one of the 5 and you risk falling into the bucket of the mediocre.

Virtual selling is today’s reality and the future of selling. Check out our Virtual Selling Skills Training on Sales Gravy University and learn how to blend virtual selling with your current sales process!

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