Success Doesn’t Come Easy For Ultra-High Performers

Ultra-high performers aren’t born knowing how to sell— they have just learned to adapt. Here’s how your setbacks can set you up for success, and the three things you need to remember on the road to Ultra-High Performance.

They’re Not “Born That Way”

Ultra-high performers do a lot of things well.

But the false perception of their success is that they are naturally gifted and that success comes easy for them. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

In a non-scientific, off-the-cuff “study”, we polled these ultra-high performers in asking them what their secret to success was.

Not one of them said that they were born with the ability to sell. In fact, each one outlined, in great detail, how they kept falling down during their journey.

Setbacks Might Actually Be What Sets You Up For Success

One described a story of when they were a young sales rep.

They were part of a new hire group and, as expected, were chartered with dialing and setting appointments in an effort to build their book of business.

During the onboarding process, each of them was paired with a buddy. In one of their first call blocks, this particular rep’s buddy made a connection on their first several calls. The young rep did not.

In fact, they didn’t connect to anyone during the first several days. But, something interesting happened.

Build Your Confidence Along The Way

After each failed attempt, the young rep honed and re-crafted his message. When he finally started connecting to people, he had the confidence of a seasoned performer because he learned how to adapt along the way.

His buddy, while experiencing momentary success, didn’t adapt. They flamed out and were never able to regain momentum, eventually quitting sales altogether.

Here are three things to remember when it comes to your success.

The Long Game Wins

Look at each moment during the course of the day as another moment of learning.

This works well for new and seasoned sales professionals alike as it is the foundation of continual learning.

Savor Your Wins

Let’s not sugar coat sales. It’s tough. It’s a grind. You lose more than you win.

When you win though, celebrate it!

After every opportunity I have ever closed, I always reward myself with something— a shirt, a tech gadget, a golf club, you name it. This motivated me for the next one.

The Basics Always Win

When times are tough or when times are good, the one consistent is a focus on the basics.

Always, always focus on the basics and you’ll always win.

Your setbacks are your setups for success. Remember this.

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