Craft Your Messages to Connect With Prospects

It’s harder than ever to stand out against the competition and truly connect with prospects who are drowning in messages. Leverage these communication techniques to cut through the noise and deliver a memorable message that gets through to prospects.

Connecting With Hard-to-Reach Prospects

We live in a time when there is an unprecedented number of viable and widespread communication channels. We have the telephone, email, video, voicemail, social, text, and even snail mail at our disposal. 

However, as a result, messages from your competitors flood your prospects’ inboxes. This decreases your probability of reaching prospects or receiving responses from them.

These two techniques, which are rooted in human psychology, can help sales professionals immediately increase the likelihood that they will get through to the people they want to connect with. 

The Framing Effect

The first technique in developing compelling messages is called the framing effect. This is when people make decisions based on how the options in the message are presented to them. For instance, recipients of your message have a tendency to avoid risk when you frame the message in a positive way.

The opposite occurs when you present a framed message negatively because the person will seek risks, and therefore perhaps hesitate to respond. In short, the person on the other end of your message defines gain or loss based on the picture you paint for them. 

Think about your prospecting messages. If you tell a prospect that they will have an 85% chance of success utilizing your offering, they will view this as avoiding risk or gaining something. The probability that they will respond increases. However, if you tell them that they have a 15% risk of not getting the results that others are receiving, they will hesitate because they perceive a loss.

The intent of the overall message is the same though. In the first scenario, there’s a 15% chance of no results, but you framed it as 85% successful. Therefore, you increased the probability that they receive the message the way you want them to.

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The Verbatim Effect

The second technique is the verbatim effect, which refers to the tendency of people to remember the gist of the information presented to them. People will most likely not remember all the details in a message. However, they will remember the general meaning behind the message.

Salespeople are notorious for jamming too much into their message. They think that the prospect will be receptive to an abundance of information. However, the result is an overload in the prospect’s mind, and they usually retain nothing.

By making your message really concise, you increase the probability that the recipient will remember it and respond to it. If they can’t remember your message, they most definitely cannot act on it.

Differentiate Your Message

By combining the framing effect with the verbatim effect, you will be able to increase the odds of cutting through the vast amount of “noise” that’s out there, in turn becoming memorable in every interaction.

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