When considering a merger or acquisition, investigate the sales management processes in place.

Over the years of being in business, I’ve discovered a common strategy among consistently successful sales teams.  These sales teams thrive even in fluctuating market conditions.

What is their recipe for success?  Strong sales management processes.  Strong processes provide solid footing for a growth culture where sales people get better month after month after month.

So, an important area to evaluate when considering mergers and acquisitions is the sales management processes.  Here are some specific examples to analyze:


Are goals and objectives clearly set out, and are there measurable metrics?

The three main goals of a sales organization—increasing year-on-year sales; market share; and margin profitability—should be defined by measurable objectives for departmental and individual performance.

How does performance compare with budget?  The sales staff should know these like the back of their hands and have the flexibility they need to achieve them.

Motivation and Coaching

One of the most powerful tools for motivating your sales team to achieve organizational objectives is to align the compensation plan with growth objectives.

Also, review your coaching processes that are in place. Are they effective in helping salespeople use their strengths and overcome their weaknesses?


A strong recruiting process is based on objective assessments and behavioral interviewing. When sales staff meet objectives, and turnover is at an acceptable rate, you’ll know a successful recruiting system is in place.

Sometimes new owners discover that their best sales person is the sales manager. He is an effective “performance master” who manages both sales behavior and the sales pipeline. But he could be weak at both recruiting and motivating.

With a strong recruiting process you can help him develop a talent acquisition process that would position the company for sales growth and help them win more new accounts.

What role does sales management processes play when you consider a company merger or acquisition?

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Danita Bye

Danita Bye, M.A. is a leadership and sales development expert. She has successful sales…

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