Everyone wants to be a hero. A superstar. Rich. Famous. Skinny. Admired. Even envied. Nobody wants to do the work.

Since at least 1994 when I was introduced to network marketing by a civilian contractor at March Air Force Base here in sunny SoCal, I’ve been reading and listening to Zig Ziglar almost weekly.

That’s nearly 23 years of reading, taking notes, watching his videos, listening to his audio books on my iPhone while at the gym, etc.

I’ve listened to him in Vegas, on the road to Phoenix, in the sky heading to Tampa, while biking, squatting, benching.

In my live training deliveries I give the disclaimer that I’ll probably quote Zig 60 times in the next 60 minutes so just assume that if I say something good it probably came from Zig Ziglar (or Tom Hopkins, or Anthony Parinello, or Jeffrey Gitomer.)

Zig Was Mistaken

That being said—and it pains me to say this—the late, great Zig Ziglar got one thing slightly…barely…just a little bit…incorrect.

There. I said it.

Yes. Zig was not perfect.

He was nearly perfect.

He was as close to perfect as any sales trainer, motivational speaker, Christian, husband, father could be…

But he was a tad bit off in his mantra of:“First you gotta be, before you can do, so then you can have.”

Want to have a nice house and the freedom to take long vacations with your family? Become independently wealthy.

How do you become independently wealthy?

Do what wealthy people do, namely:

  • Keep more than you earn
  • Invest in appreciating assets
  • Have a bigger library and a smaller TV
  • Associate with doers instead of complainers (You can’t be a champ if you’re chum, Chump!*)
  • Do more, say less

Nike Was Right

When I was learning the science and the process of what it took to become a professional salesperson my sales coach, Steve Clark, pounded it into my head that I had to just do it and just do it and just do it.

“Do what, Steve?”

Do what professional salespeople did to become professional and have what professionals have, such as…

  • Set goals
  • Know my numbers
  • Prospect
  • Cold call (or “first call” as Jeffrey Gitomer says)
  • Build lists
  • Market
  • Advertise
  • Network
  • Join a mastermind
  • Get professional training and support
  • For. As. Long. As. It. Takes.

Everyone wants to be a hero. A superstar. Rich. Famous. Skinny. Admired. Even envied.

Nobody wants to do the work.

Just do it.

Do the work.

Stay the course.


Get a Coach or Mentor.

Now go sell something!

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