There are five personal attraction strategies you can use to keep things fresh for yourself and your prospects: email, letters, postcards, personal networking and of course, phone pursuit.

No doubt about it, prospecting can sometimes get boring, and certainly depressing. You don’t get the responses you want, and sometimes it seems like all you do is leave voicemails and send emails.

It’s time to change up your prospecting approach with some different personal attraction strategies. Get prospects to notice you. Distinguish yourself from other sales reps who only call or send emails.

Warm up your prospects so they’ll want to take your call.

There are five personal attraction strategies you can use to keep things fresh for yourself and your prospects: email, letters, postcards, personal networking and of course, phone pursuit. As you switch up your prospecting, contacts will start to notice you.

They’re seeing you everywhere they turn. How can they not pay attention?

Here are just a few essential aspects of personal attraction and how to get the most out of it.

Email Prospecting

For many contacts, email is the preferred method of communication and you’re probably already using it. But wait–are you using it as effectively as you could?

Utilizing email in lead generation isn’t always as simple as you might think. You’ve got to consider the glimpse factor, for example.

Your prospects are going to decide within three seconds whether or not they want to open, archive or delete an email.

What are you going to write to grab their attention and make it worth their while? How will you get them to accept an appointment with you?

In The Sales Magnet, I go into detail about the ways in which you can improve your email lead generation.

Queuing follow-up emails and eliminating attachments are just two examples of how you can increase your success rate. The more proficient you become with email prospecting, the better your results will be.

Personalized Letters

The Internet has made it easier than ever before for sellers to communicate with their prospects. In many ways, though, there are aspects of the Internet that have taken personalization out of the process.

Personalization is still important and is a staple in any successful prospect attraction toolkit.

Letters, postcards and personal notes may have seemingly been replaced by email, but they definitely still have their time and place in your lead generation efforts. A personalized note sent during a lead generation campaign may be noticed when an email would otherwise be ignored.

That note may mean the difference between prospects taking your next call or avoiding you.

Just as with emails, personalized letters need to be staggered carefully to be most effective.

Make them lumpy to increase your open rate. Engage prospects in a way that will make them feel special without being too over the top.

 Personal Networking

Social networking via the Internet is one of the best advancements for salespeople! Look at all the great information you can assemble to personalize your comments, calls, letters, and emails.

Of course, it’s not a replacement for in-person networking which can dramatically improve your success rate in prospecting, but social and personal networking support each other as prospecting strategies.

Being seen locally creates name recognition when you call, email or write, and vice versa. When prospects meet you in person, they exclaim, “oh I know you!” from the emails, calls, and notes they’ve received.

And, if they’ve seen your picture in an article or social comment, they may even recognize you before you say hello.

No matter where you live, there’s a solid chance that you have a wealth of networking opportunities at your fingertips from Chambers of Commerce to coffee shops.

Many sales reps have stopped networking because they deem it ineffective. Put it back into your prospecting tool kit and go be seen.

Break out of the prospecting rut and use different personal attraction strategies to get noticed.

Then once you have those mastered, start using some digital or collaborative attraction strategies to be even more visible to your prospects.

There are many ways to use personal attraction strategies to boost your lead generation results.

If prospects have heard of you, they’re more likely to reply. How do you create name recognition with prospects before you call?

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