Video Messaging Works

The simple truth is that video messaging works. Even a 60-second video can get you and your team right to the people who matter the most.

Prospecting Isn’t Easy

I was working with a small industrial manufacturing organization deep in the midwest. The CEO’s team was struggling to fill the top of their sales funnel with qualified opportunities that they could close.

I mean really struggling. Like, their quota was to close fifteen deals a month as a team and they were on pace to close five—in the last three months. 

The issue was, of course, that the team was underperforming when it came to prospecting activity. The CEO knew it, the sales manager knew it, the team knew it. Let’s face it, prospecting is hard.

To Survive, You Must Adapt To Change

But, this business owner recognized that his team needed a change. They needed a kick in the butt to start doing their jobs, otherwise, the level of business they were doing was going to remain unsustainable.

This is why he worked with the Sales Gravy team to build a Fanatical Prospecting curriculum designed specifically for his sales force and for their unique needs. We brainstormed for two days on the curriculum, taking a deep dive into each salesperson, their habits, their pipeline, their objections.

We found all the good and bad buttons to push in order to generate success at every stage of their prospecting and qualifying process.

On the second day, I told my client that it would be worth training his team on one of the most impactful and underrated prospecting techniques, video messaging. He immediately fell silent. I sat in that dead silence on our video call for what felt like an eternity.

When he finally responded, all he said was, “No. Our buyers won’t like it. Our team won’t like it. I don’t want to do it.” 

Video Messaging Will Transform Your Sales Process

My trainer, the fantastic Jessica Stokes, and I pleaded a little more. But we didn’t have any success in adding our video messaging content into his training course.

I knew that this type of communication style changed my sales life, it changed my other clients’ organizations, and on the whole, it transformed the quality of the meetings everyone set when sending video messages. So, Jessica and I devised a pitch to bring to our client as a last-ditch effort to change his mind.

Through one of our partners, Vidyard, we have seen massive sales industry success with video messaging. This one simple tool has transformed the lives of salespeople in every single industry, from SAAS to medical devices and everything in-between.

In fact, through Vidyard we found that our clients were seeing a 3x to 4x open rate on video messages that were used in the correct prospecting sequence. Of that group, the average response rate from decision-makers was 15 – 35 minutes depending on the industry.

Even more shockingly, people using this form of communication were adding opportunities to their pipeline at astoundingly high rates. 

With Video Messaging, Success Is At Our Fingertips

The simple truth is that video messaging works. Sales professionals shy away from utilizing the camera that is literally in their pocket, even though it would make them more money.

Cisco did a study and found that 75% of what internet users consume is video. Gong.IO did a study and found that after looking at over 1,000 sales cycles there was a 40% increase in closing rate during cycles that used video messaging, AND those cycles were reduced by 40%. 

Our Video Messaging course is designed to teach you the framework for delivering an insightful, personal, and impactful message in under 60 seconds that gets you and your team right to the people who matter the most. We teach you where, when, and how to send your video messages to create the highest prospecting success rate and pipeline velocity.

Our process is proven to work and our team utilizes video messaging every single day. But, we know from our experience with every industry, vertical, and sales motion, that there is a severe lack of video message utilization from sales professionals the world over.

Yet, the response we routinely see from buyers is, “Wow, nobody has ever sent me something like that.” Sales Professionals and sales teams come to us because they are finding that this technique is transformative. Nobody else is using it. My advice is to take advantage of video messaging now!

Short Video Messages Make A Massive Impact

So, after some convincing, my client agreed to teach his sales team our video messaging content and utilize Vidyard. Vidyard is a messaging platform that allows you and your team to see who views your team’s videos, how often, how many views they get, and all of the statistics you need to understand what good video messaging practices look like.

After the video messaging session, the CEO sent Jessica and me a video message.

He said, “I am sending you this video message to let you both know that I am extremely uncomfortable, but if I can do it, my team can do it, and anyone can do it.” This guy got it. He wasn’t comfortable but he bought in. That’s how we knew his team was going to take it to the next level. 

Two weeks later, we received another video message from him.

He said, “Jeb, Jessica. My team has started using video messages. I tasked each of them to send 25 video messages each to a specific list of prospects. Each of those team members set at least 10 appointments from just 1 message. Video messaging is the real deal.”

The Sales Gravy Team, including myself, teaches our Video Messaging workshop every month on Sales Gravy University.  You can find the next Video Messaging workshop HERE.

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