On this episode of the Sales Gravy Podcast, I dive into part two of my conversation with sales leadership expert Mike Weinberg on what new sales managers need to do to get off to a successful start. The information in this episode is so good that you’ll want to listen twice and take good notes.

Navigating the Challenges of Being a New Sales Manager

The episode kicks off with an engaging story from Jeb Blount about his early days in sales leadership. Thrust into a managerial role at just 23 years old due to an unexpected incident, Jeb shares rapid rise to responsibility highlights the often-unpredictable path to sales leadership and the importance of adaptability and quick learning in such roles.

A key highlight of Jeb’s story is the impact of mentorship on his career. He credits Mary Gardner, the Area Vice President of his group, for fundamentally shaping his approach to sales leadership. Mary’s emphasis on coaching and her advice on being observant and patient offers timeless wisdom for new sales managers.

Core Principles for New Sales Managers

Mike Weinberg stresses the importance of ‘keeping your mouth shut and your ears open’ as a new leader. This approach is not about being passive but rather about being strategically observant, identifying opportunities for improvement, and understanding team dynamics before jumping into action.

One of the critical roles of a sales manager is to coach rather than directly involve oneself in every sale. This part of the discussion sheds light on the common mistake new managers make – trying to be the hero in every sales call, which ultimately hampers the development of their team.

Mike and Jeb discuss the balance between personal sales contributions and the development of the team. The insight here is clear: sales leadership is less about personal selling skills and more about elevating the capabilities of the team.

Challenges in Sales Leadership

Many sales leaders are overwhelmed with non-sales-related tasks, preventing them from focusing on key activities like coaching, mentoring, and strategy development.

The discussion underscores the need for support from higher management. Often, new sales leaders are not given clear priorities, leading to misaligned efforts and burnout. It is crucial for executives to understand and support the primary role of sales managers – revenue generation.

Key Takeaways for New Sales Managers

New sales leaders must prioritize coaching, adaptability, and team development over individual sales achievements. The journey of a sales leader is unique and challenging, but with the right approach and support, it can be incredibly rewarding.

Remember, as a new sales manager, your success lies in how well you can elevate your team, not just your personal sales achievements. So listen, observe, coach, and lead your team to new heights.

Getting off to a good start in your first 90 days as a new sales manager is crucial. The key to success is knowing where to start, where to focus, and what to avoid.

In this brilliant, must watch Expert Voice, sales leadership expert and bestselling author Mike Weinberg shares seven keys to success for new sales managers. Watch Now

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