3 Key Elements of Sales Fitness

To reach peak performance and productivity, sales professionals need to be physically fit, because mental energy is limited by physical energy. Here are three steps you can take today to improve your sales fitness.

Salespeople Are The Elite Athletes of Business

As Jeb Blount says in his mega-bestselling book, Fanatical Prospecting, “Salespeople are the elite athletes of the sales world.” The problem is, many of us don’t act like it. Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of success for top sales professionals.

Do you feel like you aren’t operating at your maximum potential? Productivity and peak performance are directly related to our health and wellbeing.
Water intake, daily movement, and consistent sleep all help to balance your mood, increase cognitive function, and maintain motivation in all aspects of life.
Here are 3 quick ways you can improve your health, regain focus, and develop a routine for optimum productivity and sales fitness right now, today:

Water: Track Your Intake

No matter how much water you claim to drink, if you aren’t tracking it, I’d be willing to bet you aren’t drinking enough. Water is critical for almost every chemical process in the body.

Water regulates body temperature, helps move toxins out of the body, protects your joints, aids in digestion, helps fight illness, improves blood circulation, makes your skin glow, improves mood, and increases cognitive function.

If all of that didn’t convince you to prioritize hydration, you might be interested to know that increasing your water intake could also help you lose weight.

For the most part, people simply don’t drink enough water. Soda and coffee are poor substitutes that many salespeople reach for when energy is low.

Water alone might be a better solution. Aim for a gallon a day. At a minimum, aim for half your body weight in ounces.

It’s tough to do, so just aim in that direction and you’ll be headed on a good path. Yes, you’ll need to hit the bathroom more often. Think of all the toxins you are flushing out!

Track your water intake daily and carry a water bottle at all times. You’ll see results immediately in all aspects of your life!

Movement: Inside and Outside of The Gym

Do you have a regular workout program? Many busy salespeople “just don’t have time” to commit an hour or so to the gym. That’s ok; you can easily add movement.

Make phone calls while walking around the building or grounds. Do push-ups in between tasks. Or simply park at the back of the parking lot when you go shopping.

The good news: if you aren’t doing ANYTHING, then it’s an immediate win when you add one of the above each day!

Sleep: Rest, Repair, and Reset

Sleep allows our bodies to repair themselves and our brains sort out the previous day’s data. We need it, and yet we neglect it.

The solution: go to bed earlier! Most people watch TV in the evenings or scroll through social media.

Shut it all down 30 mins early tonight and go to bed. You’ll be amazed at how your performance improves during the day.

Implement these simple suggestions and improve your health and well-being starting today.
You need your physical well-being to be in the best condition possible so that you are better equipped to maintain focus and emotional control during your challenging sales day.
For a more in-depth discussion of physical fitness for salespeople, stay tuned for our upcoming course called Fanatical Sales Fitness!

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