Want to break through the noise and get your prospect’s attention? Want to stand out? Integrate video into your sales process. 

Video is a powerful medium that may be integrated throughout the entire sales process to:

  • Engage New Prospects
  • Educate and Provide Insight
  • Advance Opportunities Through the Pipeline
  • Influence Decision Making
  • Improve the Buying Experience

Prospecting and Engagement

Want to break through the noise and get your prospect’s attention? Want to stand out? Shoot a short, personalized video and email or DM it to your prospect. Better yet, make it part of an intentional prospecting sequence. Leveraging video in prospecting builds familiarity and compels prospect’s to engage.

Education and Insight

Short videos help you tell your story and provide insights to stakeholders during the buying journey. Good videos are often shared by stakeholders inside their organization which helps you extend your reach and influence. Videos that deliver insight are especially powerful when delivered to stakeholders during the discovery phase of the sales process. 

Advancing Opportunities and Follow Up

Send a short video following each meeting with stakeholders to recap the meeting and confirm next steps. This keeps the lines of communication open, keeps you top of mind, and anchors next steps which reduces the change that your deal will stall.

Video follow-ups also allow you to track engagement as you advance through the pipeline. You can gain insight on the stakeholder group’s interest by looking at the open rate, shares, and watch time. Based on the video analytics you can adjust your strategy and approach to getting the deal closed.

Influencing Decision Making

When stakeholders are in the decision making process, a short video expressing your interest in doing business with them, recapping your value proposition, and highlighting how you are going to help them makes a real and lasting impact on stakeholders. This improves your win probability.

Improving the Buying Experience

Your stakeholders’ emotional experience while working with you during the buying journey is a more consistent predictor of outcome than any other variable. In other words, people buy you. Videos keep stakeholders connected to you emotionally, enhance the buying experience, and make the decision to do business with YOU much easier.

Here is an example of a video that I used in our sales process:

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