Business Outcome Selling Strategies (BOSS) is our master class for sales professionals who are responsible for selling large, enterprise, global, and strategic accounts.

This game changing course teaches the tactics and strategies required to differentiate and win high-stakes, complex deals. Participants learn how to effectively bend win probability in their favor with:

  • Strategic sales planning leveraging the BOSS Deal Planner
  • 9 Box Qualifying
  • Deal strategy and Ideal Advance Next Steps Mapping
  • Stakeholder mapping and relationship strategies
  • ACED stakeholder persona Analysis
  • MLP Strategy
  • Competitive and SWOT Analysis
  • SCORE Discovery Framework
  • Team selling strategies and working effectively with internal resources
  • Solutions, Recommendations, and Business Outcome Mapping
  • Enterprise Level Messaging, Proposal, and Presentation Strategies
  • Effective and accurate forecasting
  • High-Stakes Negotiation Skills

BOSS Training is sales process agnostic and is customized for each organization’s unique situation, deal size, and sales cycle.

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