Mastering Sales Objections Training

Mastering Sales Objections is a comprehensive course that teaches sales professionals the art and science of handling objections to advance and close the sale. 

Course Overview

For as long as salespeople have been asking buyers to make commitments, buyers have been throwing out objections. And, for as long as buyers have been saying no, salespeople have yearned for the secrets to getting past those NOs.

Mastering Sales Objections teaches sellers how to become rejection proof and gives them the skills, tactics, techniques, frameworks and confidence to effectively handle the four categories of objections faced at each stage of the sales process:

  • Prospecting Objections
  • Red Herring Objections at Initial Meetings
  • Micro-Commitment Advances & Next Step Objections
  • Buying Commitment Objections

Mastering Sales Objections is designed to seamlessly integrate into and complement your current sales system.

Upon Completion of the Course, Participants Will Gain the Competencies to:

  • Gain Objection Immunity and Become Rejection Proof
  • Neutralize Buyer Resistance and Avoid Pitfalls that Lead to Objections
  • Use Proven Influence Frameworks to Gain Control of Sales Conversations
  • Flex to Buyer Personas and Communication Styles
  • Leverage the Three-Step LDA Framework to Confidently Skip Past Prospecting Objections and Secure More Appointments
  • Set the Agenda and Skip Past Red Herrings to Conduct Effective Initial Meetings
  • Advance the Sale and Avoid Stalls With Micro-Commitments
  • Get Past Next Step Objections with the Three-Step Value-Bridge Framework
  • Ask Confidently for the Sale and Compel Buyer Compliance
  • Handle Buying Objections and Close the Sale with the Five-Step Buying Commitment Objection Framework

Course Customization

This course may be fully customized for your industry, customer base, learner segment, and defined business development, sales, and account management processes. Modules may be grouped, adjusted, expanded, or removed as needed.

At Sales Gravy, we are known for our ability to shape training around your culture, unique situation, and to speak your sales organization’s language.

The Results:

  • Engaged learners
  • Long-term behavior change
  • Significantly higher return on your training investment
  • Increased sales, fast
  • Measurable business outcomes you can count on

To guide us while working with you and your team, we leverage a proven process – ADIO² – for developing and customizing powerful and engaging training curriculum and content specific to your unique situation.

Sales Gravy Proven Process for Sales Training Curriculum Customization

Training Modality and Delivery Options

The module-based course curriculum may be taught in physical Classroom-based ILT, Virtual ILT, or Hybrid modalities.

The training media, educational design, and delivery connect with adult learning preferences and are responsive to multigenerational learning styles.

We employ an active learning methodology that blends interactive instruction with experiential learning elements, self-paced learning, and role-playing scenarios to create reference experiences that anchor key concepts and make training stick.

Virtual Learning Experience®

Sales Gravy is the leader in virtual sales training innovation. Our Virtual Learning Experience® (VLX) keeps learners engaged and makes knowledge stick:

Licensing and Train the Trainer

Should you prefer that your own sales enablement team deliver the training, you may license this program. We will train and certify your trainers and supply all of the course material.

Why Choose Sales Gravy for Mastering Sales Objections Training

objections skills training


We wrote the bestselling book on mastering sales objections skills. Literally.
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