Sales Negotiation Skills Training

INKED is the most comprehensive Sales Negotiation Skills training ever developed for the sales profession. It addresses the reality sellers face in the rapid-fire, real world of sales-specific negotiation.

Negotiation is an integral part of the sales role. Yet, far too often, sales professionals leave profits on the table because they are out gunned, out maneuvered, and out played by savvy buyers, who have been schooled in the art and science of negotiation.

Because today’s buyers have more power than ever before―more information, more at stake, and more control over the buying process―they almost always enter sales negotiations in a much stronger position than your sellers. The results are sadly predictable: Your salespeople discount heavily and end up on the losing end of the deal.

Inked Sales Negotiation Skills training levels the playing field by teaching your sellers exactly what they need to know, do, and say to gain more control, confidence, and power at the sales negotiation table.

Master Class

Inked | Sales Negotiation Skills training is a comprehensive master class for sales professionals, account managers, customer service professionals, and leaders who are responsible negotiating with prospects and customers.

Sellers are taught the strategies, tactics, tools, techniques, and confidence to negotiate effectively, protect your profits, and win more deals with the terms, conditions, and prices that you deserve.

Inked sales negotiation skills training module

Course Modules Include:

  • The seven rules of sales negotiation
  • Sales negotiation planning and strategy
  • Leveraging the Sales Negotiation Planner
  • How to leverage human influence frameworks in sales negotiations
  • The difference between sales negotiation and sales objections
  • When to negotiate and how to avoid negotiating with yourself
  • Emotional discipline and how to rise above the seven disruptive emotions when negotiating
  • The D.E.A.L (Discover, Engage, Align, Lock) sales negotiation conversation framework
  • Seven principles of sales negotiation communication
  • How to gain control of the sales negotiation and bend win probability with MLP Strategy (Motivation, Leverage, Powerful)
  • How to neutralize the games buyers play in sales negotiation
  • How to neutralize procurement with the Sales Negotiation Triangle
  • Developing a Sales Negotiation Map and Give-Take Playlist
  • Metrics that Matter and Measurable Business Outcomes that compel stakeholders to align on an agreement
  • The sales negotiation value equation
  • How to protect profit and pricing integrity with “funny money”
  • The psychology of negotiation and how to win for your team while protecting relationships
  • How to negotiate effectively in-person and on virtual communication channels

MLP Strategy - Sales Negotiation Skills Training

Competencies Developed

This course gives arms sellers with a complete – end to end – system for sales specific negotiation. They gain the skills, tools, tactics, techniques, and confidence required to win for your company at the negotiation table.

At the conclusion of this course, sellers will gain the competencies to:

  • Negotiate for more favorable terms and conditions and protect profits
  • Instantly reduce discounting
  • Be confident and disciplined in sales negotiations
  • Engage in effective sales negotiation conversations
  • Develop, plan, and execute a winning sales negotiation strategy for pipeline opportunities

Sales Negotiation Map - Sales Negotiation Skills Training

Why Choose Sales Gravy for Sales Negotiation Skills Training

Generic courses on negotiation are delivered by training companies that specialize in training negotiation tactics—but not sales-specific negotiation skills. Because their trainers have very little experience selling anything, they are unable to connect the dots between the sales process and the sales negotiation.

INKED is the most comprehensive Sales Negotiation Skills training ever developed for the sales profession and addresses the reality sellers face in the rapid-fire, real world of sales-specific negotiation. It is taught by master sales trainers who have been in the sales trenches and “get it.”

The Inked curriculum was developed from Jeb Blount’s mega-bestseller, Inked: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Negotiation Tactics That Unlock YES and Seal the Deal

It is a perfect companion course to Sales EQ | Complex Selling Skills training and is an integral part of Sales Gravy’s complete system of sales training.

Delivery Options

We offer multiple training delivery options for Inked | Sales Negotiation Skills training that flex to your unique situation:

Virtual Classroom: The Inked | Sales Negotiation Skills course is 8 to 20 hours of live virtual instruction – depending on the modules you choose for your team. Though we recommend once or twice a week sessions of 90 to 180 minutes, the course may be delivered in any configuration that makes the most sense for your team.

The virtual instructor-led learning experience is facilitated by our master sales trainers. The live virtual sessions are supplemented with self-directed video-based learning, individual exercises, discussion groups, and coaching.

The Sales Gravy Virtual Learning Experience™ (VLX) keeps learners engaged and makes knowledge stick:

In-Classroom: The classroom-based Inked learning experience is one to three days of instruction  – depending on the modules you choose for your team. The high-energy, interactive classroom training delivery includes exercises, role-plays, group break-outs, and hands-on instructor coaching.

Keynote/Workshop: The highly-engaging and thought provoking one hour Inked keynote focuses on the 7 Rules of Sales Negotiation. It challenges your sellers to think differently about how they approach the sales negotiation table and gives them actionable tips for making immediate improvements in their negotiations. It is the perfect addition to sales kickoffs and meetings.

Licensing and Train the Trainer: Should you prefer that your own sales enablement team deliver the training, you may license this program. We will train and certify your trainers and supply all of the course material.

The training media, educational design, and delivery connect with adult learning preferences and are responsive to multigenerational learning styles. We employ an active learning methodology that blends interactive instruction with experiential learning elements, online learning, and role-playing scenarios to create reference experiences that anchor key concepts and make new skills stick.

Course Customization

At Sales Gravy, we are known for our ability to shape training around your culture, unique situation, and to speak your sales organization’s language.

This course may be fully customized for your industry, customer base, learner segment, and defined business development, sales, and account management processes. Modules may be grouped, adjusted, expanded, or removed as needed.

The Results:

  • Engaged learners
  • Training content assimilated faster
  • New skills stick
  • Long-term behavior change
  • Sales productivity acceleration
  • Significantly higher return on your training investment

To guide us while working with you and your team, we leverage a proven process – ADIO² – for developing and customizing powerful and engaging training curriculum and content specific to your unique situation.

Sales Gravy Proven Process for Sales Training Curriculum Customization


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