Do you long for a life lived in high gear? One that is filled with joy and achievement? It is possible!

How would you like to kick your life into high gear? I can help you! Your life doesn’t have to be stale and full of drudgery. Your life can be lived at the highest levels, experiencing joy in every area!

I want to give you my top pointers for kicking your life into high gear so you can get moving on the fast track to success!

But first… A secret key to understanding success.

Secret Key: Success isn’t just doing certain things, though we will certainly do certain things to become a certain kind of person.

What kind of person you are is what determines your success in life. Yes, you can do the right things and achieve a certain level of success, but not the kind of success I am talking about – true life success.

So what are my four tips? Here they are:

Become a person of Vision.

Vision is the spectacular that causes us to carry out the mundane. It is what sees us through the dark days so we do not give up and settle for second best.

It is the grand scheme that we relentlessly pursue. Vision is the goal we aim for.

The best way to kick your life into high gear and begin to succeed in what you want to succeed in is to begin to become a person of vision.

The successful person has a fully developed vision of their destination. So let me ask you a simple question:

Do YOU know where you are going?

And not only do you have a vision of where you are going, but is your vision fully developed?

Now certainly we cannot know everything that will happen to us in the future, but we can develop the plan fully, allowing in our plan for a variety of contingency plans.

“But Chris, that is a lot of work.”

It is, but when you look across the board at people who have succeeded much, they are people who laid out most of their life and work before it happened.

Life didn’t just happen to them. They didn’t just stumble into success. They planned for it and they created it.

The Tests of Vision

Is it:

  • Clear?
  • Concise?
  • Inspiring?
  • Achievable?
  • Easy to Memorize?

Ask yourself the questions above and let the answers begin to shape the vision you have for your life. The tighter and clearer the vision you have for your life, the sooner you will kick your life into high gear!

Become a person of Passion.

Passion is the burning of the heart. It is the unbridled running amuck of the emotions. It is the overwhelming desire to accomplish your goal.

Passion transcends the mental assent to a set of ideals; it drives and thrusts you toward your goal. You MUST have it!

Those who consider themselves intellectuals will underestimate the power of passion. The fact is that the victory isn’t only in the mind.

The truths of the mind are driven by the passion of the heart. So by all means, fuel the passion for life that resides deep within your soul.

Passion is like a fire. It can rage or it can smolder. Even if all you have is barely lit embers, you can fan into flame the fire of your passion for life, love, and the goals and vision you have for your life!

Commit yourself to becoming a person who lives passionately!

Become a person of Priorities.

As I have worked through the years with people who achieve much and have lives that are constantly in high gear, I notice something amazing about them: They are people with an extraordinary ability to know what the right thing to do is and to actually do it in a timely fashion.

For example, a friend of mine was in charge of a three-day event a few weeks ago that was attended by close to 250,000 people and was featured on national and international television. Four days before the event he told me he had nothing to do and felt guilty.

I encouraged him by reminding him that this was actually a sign of his incredible ability to have focused on and lived out his priorities throughout the whole year before the event took place.

When all was said and done, living and working out of his priorities enabled him to kick back and enjoy the fruit of his (and hundreds of his employees) labor.

His life was in high gear and because he is a person of priorities, he is enjoying life. You can too.

Discern what the important things are that you must involve yourself in so as to have the life you want. Then relentlessly live out of those priorities. Say “no” to everything else!

Become a person of Excellence.

People who live life in high gear, succeeding in every area of life, are people who place a high emphasis on and strive for excellence in every area of life. Good just won’t do. The best is the target.

Even when they fail or do poorly, they make an inner commitment to do an excellent job the next time.

They are people who want, and live for, excellence in their work, their play, their finances, their relationships – everything!

Do you long for a life lived in high gear? One that is filled with joy and achievement? It is possible!

Give some time to contemplate how you can make changes in the next few days and weeks in the following areas and see if your life doesn’t kick into high gear!

  • Vision
  • Passion
  • Priorities
  • Excellence

They are yours for the taking! Go get ‘em!

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