Improve Your Prospecting Effectiveness With Exercise

Embracing fitness not only improves your overall wellness but also enhances your mental resilience, time management, confidence, and communication skills, ultimately leading to a more prosperous sales career. Here are 4 reasons to make a plan for your future workouts and prospecting blocks and stick to it.

Prospecting And Physical Fitness Are One and The Same

In today’s fast-paced business world, the qualities of discipline and perseverance are essential for successful sales prospecting. If you have ever picked up the phone you soon realize that you receive quite a few “no’s”  before you get to a “yes”.

In order to overcome these frequent and sometimes disruptive objections, you must have resilience, and confidence, be a great communicator, and you must be able to manage your time.  

Surprisingly, these qualities can be nurtured and enhanced through fitness activities.

Over the past twenty years in the Army, I have done all sorts of physical fitness activities.

From distance running to powerlifting and, most recently, Brazilian jiu-Jitsu, I have found an intriguing connection between fitness, discipline, and effective sales prospecting. 

Here are four examples of how physical exercise can positively impact your sales performance.

Building Mental Resilience

Fitness routines often require dedication, consistency, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. Similarly, successful sales prospecting demands mental resilience to handle rejection, overcome obstacles, and maintain focus.

Engaging in physical activities like running, weightlifting, or BJJ can help develop mental toughness, enabling you to navigate the highs and lows of the sales process with confidence and determination.

It has been said that for every victory in Jiu-Jitsu you must endure 1000 losses. When you pick the phone the prospect mental resilience is a must in a game of constant no’s.

Cultivating Time Management Skills

Fitness and sales prospecting both require effective time management to achieve desired results. Regular exercise necessitates setting aside dedicated time for workouts, meal planning, and recovery.

By incorporating discipline into your fitness routine, you will develop valuable time management skills that can be transferred to sales prospecting.

Prioritizing prospects, planning daily activities, and adhering to a schedule become second nature, leading to increased productivity and better results. Start small, Rome was not built in one day. Pick one area you would like to improve on and make slow-marked progress.

Boosting Confidence and Self-Belief

Physical fitness positively affects self-esteem and confidence. As you achieve fitness goals, your confidence grows and your body adapts to a new stimulus, and you start believing in your abilities.

This newfound self-assurance can significantly impact your sales prospecting efforts. Confidence helps you approach potential clients with conviction, articulate your value proposition effectively, and handle objections with poise.

Your belief in your product or service becomes contagious, making prospects more likely to trust and engage with you. I always try and block off prospecting first thing in the morning after exercise.

Having the endorphin rush of deadlifting 500 lbs. or submitting someone in Jiu-Jitsu is a great segue into to prospecting. Strike while the iron is hot and continue to push.

Enhancing Communication Skills

Fitness activities often involve group classes or team-based workouts, fostering social interactions and communication skills. These interpersonal skills are invaluable in sales prospecting, where effective communication is vital.

Through fitness, you can improve your ability to listen, understand different perspectives, and build rapport with prospects.

Strong communication skills enable you to ask the right questions, actively listen to client’s needs, and tailor your pitch accordingly, increasing your chances of closing deals.

Exercise Makes You A Stronger Salesperson

By recognizing the connection between fitness, discipline, and sales prospecting, you can leverage physical exercise to develop the qualities necessary for success in the sales field.

Embracing fitness not only improves your physical well-being but also enhances your mental resilience, time management, confidence, and communication skills, ultimately leading to a more prosperous sales career. So, make a plan for your future workouts and prospecting blocks and stick to it.

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