On this episode of the Sales Gravy podcast, Sales Mastermind Group “Awesome” asks Jeb Blount sales questions. If you’ve ever had a question you wanted to ask Jeb then you’ll love this episode. It’s free flowing, insightful, and informative.

There is so much to learn from this episode including:

– How to get more prospecting done in less time.

– Building targeted prospecting lists and leveraging social proof to get engagement.

– Keys to building better prospecting lists.

– How to be more confident with your messaging.

– How to be more consistent with Fanatical Prospecting Sequences.

The sales lessons you’ll learn in this episode are so powerful that you’ll want to listen to it multiple times and share it with your entire team.

Mastermind Groups: A Powerful Way to Start Selling and Leading Better

A Mastermind Group is a peer-to-peer mentoring group where individuals come together to help each other solve their problems and improve their lives or businesses.

Mastermind Groups are powerful tools for personal and professional growth. They can foster a sense of community and connection, help members overcome challenges, and facilitate significant progress towards their goals.

The concept was popularized by Napoleon Hill in his 1937 book “Think and Grow Rich” who believed that the collective intelligence of a group is far greater than the sum of its parts.

The members of a Mastermind Group are typically successful individuals who are motivated and dedicated to achieving their goals. They meet regularly (either in-person or virtually) to discuss their challenges, set goals, brainstorm ideas, and offer each other advice and support.

In a Mastermind Group, the focus is on collaboration, growth, and mutual support. Each member benefits from the wisdom, experiences, and perspectives of the others. This dynamic leads to fresh insights, new ideas, and powerful motivation. Participants can hold each other accountable for their goals, offer encouragement, and provide honest and constructive feedback.

A Mastermind Group can be focused on various topics, such as prospecting, time management, large account strategies, proposal and presentation skills, account management and retention, and more. They can be informal and self-organized or facilitated by a professional coach or mentor.

Sales Gravy Mastermind Groups are an excellent way to improve your sales skills, become a more effective leader, or solve problems. Our masterminds are facilitated by a Master Sales Trainer and include additional training resources to build on group discussions.

7 Reasons You Should Consider Joining a Mastermind Group

  1. Knowledge Sharing: Mastermind groups can offer a wealth of shared experiences and insights. The diverse backgrounds and skill sets of the group can provide different perspectives on sales techniques, strategies, and approaches.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Mastermind groups often bring together professionals from various industries, offering the opportunity to build a strong professional network. These relationships can lead to business partnerships, referrals, or other collaboration opportunities that can help grow your sales.
  3. Problem Solving: You can bring your sales challenges to the group, and together, brainstorm and strategize solutions. The collective intelligence and creativity of the group can help you solve problems faster and more effectively than you might alone.
  4. Accountability: Setting goals is easy, but maintaining momentum and staying accountable can be challenging. In a mastermind group, members help hold each other accountable, which can be very motivating and contribute to better sales results.
  5. Emotional Support and Motivation: Sales can be a tough job with frequent rejections and setbacks. Being a part of a supportive group of peers who understand the challenges can provide emotional support, boost morale, and motivate you to keep going even during difficult times.
  6. Professional Development: Many mastermind groups bring in experts for talks (like Jeb Blount) or workshops, or provide resources for learning. This can give you access to high-level professional development opportunities that can refine your sales skills and techniques.
  7. Staying Current: In a rapidly evolving field like sales, it’s important to stay current with the latest trends, technologies, and methodologies. Being part of a mastermind group can help you stay up-to-date with the newest and most effective sales strategies, tools, and technologies.

In short, a Sales Mastermind Group, will help you gain a competitive edge, build your knowledge base, advance your skills, and build support network and accountability partners that will help you navigate the many ups and downs of a your sales career.

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