It’s not a question of if you should spend money on training, the question is how much will you spend on training.

While you’re planning the budget for your organization don’t forget to include a budget for training your team members and your leadership teams. Here are 5 reason to make room in your budget for sales training.

Strengthening Weaknesses

Every business and team has weaknesses. No matter what business you’re in there are other organizations that are looking to put you out of business on a daily basis. Sales training strengthens your weaknesses and gives you the competitive advantage you need to win.

Increase Performance

My favorite type of performance is improved performance. Training can provide that boost in performance that you’re looking for. A new methodology, a new approach to a common problem or objection, new analytics and data, anything to move the needle for you and your organization.

Consistent Results

Are you tired of having up months and down months? Are you tired of having up weeks and down weeks? Training provides a repeatable process that you and your team can plug into to achieve consistent results. It’s easier to make consistent progress and move toward our goals if everyone in the boat is rowing the same way, at the same time.

Team Member Morale

Working for an organization that you know is committed to your growth and development is invaluable. Many studies have shown that when organizations provide training programs and resources to their team members that morale improves even if the team members don’t take advantage of the training.

Recruiting and Retention

During the first 90 days of hiring a new team member they will decide two things:

  1. If they want to continue to work there
  2. If they will refer their friends and family members to work there, too

Since this time also coincides with most companies’ onboarding and new hire training, it’s imperative that you have a superb training program. This not only includes training content, but also the overall training experience and the retention of the information.


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Tony Sanders

Tony R Sanders is a proven Sales Trainer who works with Corporations and individuals…

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