Tony R Sanders is a proven Sales Trainer who works with Corporations and individuals to increase their bottom line through sales strategies, processes and tactics. Tony believes in Solution Based Selling. His motto is, “No company has ever gone out of business by solving too many problems for their customers.”

Tony has lead the sales training department for an organization that has earned more than $600 Million in annual sales. Tony is also an award winning sales trainer.

Sales has been apart of Tony’s life for as long as he can remember. From his mom hosting Avon and Tupperware sales parties or helping her selling her famous, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Tony grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana as the oldest of 8 children. Hustle was not only what his parents did, it was also necessary for survival at times. Even trips to Grandma’s house resulted in sales and business lessons.

Today Tony is proudly living out of his dreams as an Entrepreneur and an Expert Sales Trainer. Tony is also sharpening his public speaking skills by speaking at business conferences and even daring to entertain by telling stories about his family and friends on any standup comedy stage he can find.

Tony is raising his family with his wife Michelle in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has four beautiful children whom he loves dearly. They provide constant bursts of energy and motivation.

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