Carson V. Heady was born in Cape Girardeau, MO and first put in front of a typewriter at age three. Back then, he typed mere sentences but as time went by it became much more.

At an early age, Carson was enraptured with writing short stories that incorporated his friends, family and himself into the plotlines. He entered and won numerous writing contests throughout the years and never gave up his dream of becoming a writer. In college, he took script writing classes and wrote a screenplay not long after graduation.

He entered the sales arena at age 22 and has found success at every level, from top-flight sales representative to a division leader over 200+ people. His devotion to the sales game occupied much of his time, but the desire to write never left his mind.

Once Carson realized his great aptitude in the game of sales, he decided to write his first novel – “Birth of a Salesman” – which told the story of a young man who came into prominence in the sales arena and doubled as a self-help sales advice manual to guide others to the level of success he achieved. He is a profound public speaker, superior corporate leader and, in addition to having letters featured in prominent magazines and local newspapers, he wrote his own bi-weekly column for his department.

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