I am a professional sales trainer, speaker, and coach. As Vice President of Business Development at Avaap I am in the trenches daily with reps educating, coaching and taking on the challenges of the day. Over nearly three decades now I have performed in every selling role. My guidance comes from experience and the school of hard knocks. Because of that, I have a practical perspective on what works in real life and what doesn’t.

My greatest professional joy comes from working with new and inexperienced professionals. I’m on a mission to teach new and inexperienced sales and service professionals how being genuinely authentic actually creates the highest levels of success and happiness.

Much of my material is aimed a new and inexperienced sales and service professionals. What I offer is useful to everyone involved in generating more business. However, professionals who are new, inexperienced or currently uncomfortable with the selling process are likely to gain the most.

I’m passionate, enthusiastic and fun. I like to have a good time while I work. I get the challenges and concerns that come with being new to selling because I’ve been there. And because of that, I’ve created easy to learn principles, actionable education, and training that help others achieve their highest potential.

I’m a fitness fan, a musician and an organic chemistry buff (ya, ask me about it sometime). I live in the mountains of Salt Lake City with my awesome wife and two sons.

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