Your Guide To Attracting New Business With Case Studies

Case studies are a powerful way to grow your client base. Solid case studies tell a story providing proof that you are a credible company in your market.

If You Don’t Use Case Studies To Get More Sales, You Should!

Do you use case studies to help you get more sales? If not, you need to start right away.

Like testimonials, case studies are a powerful way to grow your client base. As an added bonus, case studies, unlike testimonials are effective even if they are anonymous.

If you work in a highly competitive industry where your competition is always attempting to poach your client list, or if your clients will not let you use their names publicly case studies citing the industry only (and not the client’s name and company) are the best option for you.

People Only Care About Results

People aren’t interested in the products you sell, they are only interested in the results those products create. These results are the center of your case study.

As your hottest sales leads are those with problems you can highlight other clients with similar challenges, the solutions you provided and the results the client achieved.

Solid case studies tell a story providing proof that you are a credible company in your markets.

The Perfect Case Study Formula

A case study is a publication that illustrates a success story or the resolution to a problem. The best are written strategically following a specific formula.


First, outline the client’s problem.

Use specific details and describe the situation a client was in, what challenges and obstacles he was facing and what negative effects he was experiencing because of the problem.

For example you might say:

“A large insurance company was facing declining sales due to customers defecting to the competition at a higher than usual rate.”


Next, present the solution your client bought and implemented to solve the problem.

The solution should be clearly written and described so that the reader can understand exactly what actions were taken and how your solution was invaluable to the client.

For example:

“They hired ABC consulting company to conduct a time audit of their sales reps and customer service teams over a period of 3 months.”


Finally, showcase the results of your solution. This is the section containing two parts.

First it allows you to prove how your product or services solved the client’s problem. A second, you can highlight the results that were achieved.

For example:

“As a result of this audit we noted that the time sellers spent nurturing their client base was far below industry average leaving their clients open for competitive calls.”

They were able to rectify this by implementing an account strategy that decreased customer churn by 50% in one year saving them $1,000,000.

Your case studies should paint a picture of what solutions you can provide and examples of the Return On Investment. They should highlight results and value.

Where To Share Your Case Studies

Once your case study is written with a clear problem, solution and results description, publish it everywhere.

Here are some must-publish locations:

  • Your Website
  • Your Blog
  • Marketing Materials
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Third-Party Websites
  • Professional Communities
  • Proposals
  • Telephone “Hold” Messages
  • Marketing Emails

Tips For Publishing Your Case Studies

The more places you publish your case studies, the more likely they will be seen, read, and acted on!

You don’t have to publish your case studies in their entirety in all locations. In fact, in some social media, it makes more sense to publish portions or summaries of your case studies.

You can also publish “teasers” or snippets that entice your audience to read the entire publication.

When you choose to publish only parts of your case study, be sure that you are telling the reader enough information to make the case study compelling.

Condense your problem, solution and results into a smaller publication, but don’t leave any vital information out.

AS well, always include a link back to the site of the full case.

Case Studies Create More Business

When written with this key formula, case studies are an excellent way to attract new opportunities and increase sales.

To use case studies to their fullest potential, publish them generously in every marketing channel available to you and use them to highlight current, compelling and credible results.

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