Succeeding in sales requires a lot more effort than it used to.

I love watching sports highlights on television, especially segments like “Plays of the Month”. What always stands out for me is the effort a particular player made. Whether it was to catch a baseball, make a dunk shot, prevent a goal or deke out a goalie to score a goal, all of these plays show extraordinary effort.Players run full out to catch a fly ball and slam into the wall. They dive to make a catch or save. They fly into crowds. They do whatever it takes to make that play.

Do you push yourself that hard?

Do you start your day early and finish late?

Do you make one more call even when you’re exhausted?

Do you push past objections, blocks and stalls in order to secure an appointment with a decision maker?

Succeeding in sales requires a lot more effort than it used to. Increased competition means we need to fight harder for each deal. We need to prepare more for important prospecting calls, sales appointments and presentations. We need to negotiate more assertively. And we to push ourselves harder. So sell like you will be featured on the highlight reel and stand out from your competition!

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Kelley Robertson

As President of The Robertson Training Group, Kelley has helped thousands of sales professionals…

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