People close sales. Technology doesn’t.

Technology can be an outstanding asset to help you close more sales, if you know how to use it correctly. It can also be damaging if you don’t.

As a professional or sales person, have you become too dependent on technology to do your selling for you? Your success depends on how well you sell, not how well you play with your toys.

Technology gives people the illusion that they are becoming more connected when, in reality, it’s damaging their social skills.

Liking, sharing, “favoriting” and commenting on posts might seem like a sincere way to establish or maintain valuable relationships, but no amount of likes or thumbs-up buttons will replace genuine human interaction.

If you truly want to stand out and differentiate yourself, you need to step away from technology and step into real conversations. Stop typing and texting and start talking!

Get back to what really works—a personal connection.

Technology will never compensate for a deficiency in your sales and communication skills.

Selling is, and always will be, about people and building solid business relationships together.

While your competition is wasting time typing endless emails to prospects trying to close the sale, you should be talking to your prospects and winning the sale.

If you’re ready to stop talking about your sales problems and start taking action to make the right kind of changes, try some of these smart sales practices:

  1. Commit to communication face-to-face; eye-to-eye.

    You can’t secure a meeting if you only touch them virtually as one of a “cast of thousands.” Want to make someone feel important? Pick up the phone, make an appointment or schedule a video conversation. Face-to-face or phone connections trump virtual connections. The phone is still the most accurate weapon you have to secure a meeting.

  2. Use a more modern approach and throw out the robo-scripts.

    While you need a road map and a plan, including practiced phrases, get away from the monotone and grayness of memorized scripts that sound just like every other voicemail or email your prospects receive. Proactive and productive conversations produce results, not word for word scripts.

  3. Differentiate yourself.

    Stop following the crowd. Just because someone says social media is the quickest way to close sales and grow your business, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Break away from the pack—be yourself.  Be willing to stop long enough to assess the best path to take toward your revenue goals.

  4. Taking the right action.

    In my consulting work, I see a lot of professionals spending their days sending email after email, text after text, trying to connect with everyone and their mother on social media. They don’t realize that they are just adding to the clutter of their prospects already bloated and overstuffed inboxes. They’re not willing to step out from behind the cloak of technology and into the messy world of personal relations. Do what we did back in the day—talk to someone face to face. Risk people getting know you.

  5. Mesh your high tech with your high touch efforts.

    I’m not saying to drop your devices and your social media communications entirely. These make a great foundation for your company’s general message. Use them as the credibility that backs up what you say face-to-face. Just remember that even the most engaging email campaign is only meant to start a conversation. The real magic happens with that most important of sales ingredients—you. You are the most important tool in your toolbox.

I am all for technology making our businesses better but where do we draw the line? I challenge you to step away from your toys, and go build some real relationships.

Pick up the phone, connect, and have a real conversation. Be that invaluable connection and memorable experience your customers are craving.

Remember your success depends on how well you sell, not how well you play with your toys.

About the author

Liz Wendling

Liz Wendling is the president of Insight Business Consultants, a nationally recognized business consultant,…

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