Selling In Volatile Times

Selling in Volatile Times helps sellers improve their mindset, skillset, and tool kit to stay motivated and increase sales during disruptive economic conditions.

Why Sellers Need This Course

Economic volatility and disruption are today’s reality. Recession, inflation, stagflation, an energy crisis, and interest rate increases have become the norm.

Fear and the desire to mitigate risk have changed the ways businesses and stakeholders make buying decisions. In this environment it is more challenging to get meetings with qualified opportunities, identify decision makers, advance opportunities, and close sales.

Sellers face stakeholders that ghost them, stalled pipeline opportunities, demands for steep price concessions, and a barrage of buying deferment objections. This can be frustrating and demoralizing to sales professionals who don’t have the training and tools to navigate these rough waters.

To make their number in these volatile times, sellers must shift the way they engage prospects and customers. They must become more efficient and effective prospectors, execute the sales process at a higher level, and manage their mindset. To survive and thrive, they must sell better.

Course Overview

Selling In Volatile Times helps sales professionals rapidly gain the competencies to become more efficient and effective prospectors, execute the sales process at a higher level, and manage their mindset in a volatile, disruptive economy. This course is designed to tune up and turn on the critical skills required to compete and win in this challenging environment.

Course Modules Include:

  • Mind your mindset
  • Time management techniques and tactics during times of disruption and volatility
  • Prospecting sequencing strategies for tough times
  • Handling economy-driven prospecting objections
  • Sales process fundamentals for selling in an economic crisis
  • The Nine Box qualifying methodology and why sellers must qualify better
  • Identifying and leveling up to decision makers as decision authority shifts
  • Maintaining momentum and avoiding stalled opportunities with micro-advances
  • Handling micro-commitment objections
  • Leveraging the S.C.O.R.E. framework for effective discovery
  • The keys to presenting effective business cases and proposals that increase closing ratios
  • Navigating the psychology of fear to help stakeholders embrace change
  • Handling buying deferment objections
  • Negotiating and maintaining pricing integrity during economic disruption

The course curriculum may be customized with the course modules that are most relevant for your sellers.

Competencies Developed

At the conclusion of this course, sellers will gain the competencies to:

  • Land more new appointments with qualified prospects
  • Use a multi-channel sequencing approach to engage hard-to-reach prospects
  • Leverage effective qualifying strategies and invest time on the right opportunities
  • Identify and engage decision makers with the authority to buy
  • Advance opportunities and maintain pipeline velocity
  • Conduct discovery conversations which lead to relevant business case presentations that differentiate from competitors
  • Skip past buying deferment objections and negotiate effectively

Delivery Options

We recommend delivering this training via an instructor-led virtual classroom experience facilitated by our master sales trainers. The live virtual sessions are supplemented with self-directed video-based learning, individual exercises, discussion groups, and coaching.

Selling In Volatile Times may be configured into formats of 4 to 16 hours of live instruction— depending on the modules you choose for your team— and may be delivered through in-person or virtual instructor-led modalities.

Sales Gravy is the leader in virtual sales training innovation. Our Virtual Learning Experience™ (VLX) keeps learners engaged and makes knowledge stick:

The training media, educational design, and delivery connect with adult learning preferences and are responsive to multigenerational learning styles. We employ an active learning methodology that blends interactive instruction with experiential learning elements, online learning, and role-playing scenarios to create reference experiences that anchor key concepts and make training stick.

Licensing and Train the Trainer

Should you prefer that your own sales enablement team deliver the training, you may license this program. We will train and certify your trainers and supply all of the course material. Give us a call at 1-844-447-3737 to learn more about our innovative licensing options.

Course Customization

At Sales Gravy, we are known for our ability to shape training around your culture, unique situation, and to speak your sales organization’s language.

This course may be fully customized for your industry, customer base, learner segment, and defined business development, sales, and account management processes. Selling In Volatile Times modules may be grouped, adjusted, expanded, or removed as needed.

The Results:

  • Engaged learners
  • Training content assimilated faster
  • New skills stick
  • Long-term behavior change
  • Sales productivity acceleration
  • Significantly higher return on your training investment

To guide us while working with you and your team, we leverage a proven process – ADIO² – for developing and customizing powerful and engaging training curriculum and content specific to your unique situation.

Sales Gravy Proven Process for Sales Training Curriculum Customization

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