Complex Selling Skills Training

Sales EQ is our foundational master class on complex selling skills and leveraging sales specific emotional intelligence to gain a distinct competitive edge by delivering a better buying experience.

Sales leaders are coming face to face with a cold hard truth: What once gave their salespeople a competitive edge – controlling the sales process, command of product knowledge, an arsenal of technology, and a great pitch – are no longer guarantees of success.

Buyers expect more from their interactions with sellers. They’ve lost all patience for kitchen-sink data dumps of features and benefits, and canned product pitches. Buyers want to emerge from sales conversations with value beyond a pitch, marketing brochures, and canned “insight.” They are demanding a better experience.

In our digital age where information is ubiquitous and buyer attention spans are fleeting, your buyers’ emotional experience while working with your sales team is a more consistent predictor of positive sales outcomes than any other variable – including pricing, products, and solutions.

To create true competitive differentiation, sellers must leverage a new psychology of selling to engage stakeholders, keep deals advancing, shape and influence buying decisions, and deliver a legendary buying experience.

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Master Class

Sales EQ is a comprehensive complex selling skills course and system for sales excellence. In this course, your sellers will gain the tactics, techniques, and tools required to successfully compete for the complex account in a multi-call sales cycle with modern buyers.

The acclaimed Sales EQ curriculum was developed from Jeb Blount’s international best seller, Sales EQ: How Ultra High Performers Leverage Sales-Specific Emotional Intelligence to Close the Complex Deal.

Sales EQ is sales process agnostic and is designed to seamlessly integrate into your current sales system.

sales eq curriculum

How Cooper-Booth Set All Time Sales Records Leveraging the Sales EQ System

Course Modules Include:

  • The Four Levels of Sales Intelligence
  • Developing sales specific emotional intelligence
  • Developing emotional discipline and the power of relaxed, assertive confidence
  • Interpersonal skills development
  • The R.E.A.D. Influence Method (Relationship, Engage, Advance, Decision)
  • How to make a memorable first impression
  • Answering the five stakeholder questions that matter most
  • Flexing to the four stakeholder communication styles: A.C.E.D (Analyzers, Consensus Builders, Energizers, Directors)
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Leveraging the three-step pre-call planning process
  • How to leverage the Nine Frame Qualifying Matrix to qualify pipeline opportunities
  • Leveraging the Sales EQ Planner for complex sales strategy mapping and planning
  • Improving win probability through alignment of the sales process, buying process, and decision process
  • Conducting and controlling the initial discovery meeting with the four-step agenda framework
  • How to leverage the Dual Process of empathy and outcome to anchor relationships and advance the deal
  • Advancing the sale with value bridges, micro-commitments, and down-pipeline communication
  • The LVA Method for handling micro-commitment objections
  • Leveraging the S.C.O.R.E. framework for effective discovery conversations
  • Developing powerful discovery questions that challenge the status quo and open the door to a winning business case
  • Effective listening skills
  • Four keys to effective communication
  • Mastering the three-part solution recommendation framework
  • Message Matters: How to deliver engaging demos, presentations, and proposals
  • Closing techniques and strategies
  • The five-step framework for handling buying commitment objections

Competencies Developed

This course gives sellers a powerful set of human influence and persuasion frameworks and teaches them how to deploy these frameworks across the breadth of the sales process.

Participants will develop sales specific emotional intelligence and the competencies required to effectively manage the sales process, increase pipeline velocity, and improve deal win probability.

At the conclusion of this course, sellers will gain the competencies to:

  • Leverage sales specific emotional intelligence to manage their own disruptive emotions and influence the emotions and behaviors of buyers
  • Qualify pipeline opportunities, reduce stalled deals, increase pipeline velocity, and more accurately forecast sales outcomes
  • Develop, plan, and execute a winning complex sales strategy
  • Conduct effective discovery calls with multiple stakeholders
  • Develop a compelling business case and deliver presentations that engage account stakeholders
  • Conduct effective sales calls, advance opportunities through the pipeline, handle objections, and close the sale
  • Build deep and lasting relationships with buyers and differentiate with a legendary buying experience

Delivery Options

We offer multiple training delivery options for Sales EQ | Complex Selling Skills training that flex to your unique situation:

Virtual Classroom: The Sales EQ course is 8 to 20 hours of live virtual instruction – depending on the modules you choose for your team. Though we recommend once or twice a week sessions of 90 to 180 minutes, the course may be delivered in any configuration that makes the most sense for your team.

The virtual instructor-led learning experience is facilitated by our master sales trainers. The live virtual sessions are supplemented with self-directed video-based learning, individual exercises, discussion groups, and coaching.

The Sales Gravy Virtual Learning Experience™ (VLX) keeps learners engaged and makes knowledge stick:

In-Classroom: The classroom-based Sales EQ learning experience is one to three days of instruction  – depending on the modules you choose for your team. The high-energy, interactive classroom training delivery includes exercises, role-plays, group break-outs, and hands-on instructor coaching.

Keynote/Workshop: The highly-engaging and thought provoking one hour Sales EQ keynote challenges your sellers to think differently about building relationships and the influence of emotions on buying behavior. It is the perfect addition to sales kickoffs and meetings.

Licensing and Train the Trainer: Should you prefer that your own sales enablement team deliver the training, you may license this program. We will train and certify your trainers and supply all of the course material.

The training media, educational design, and delivery connect with adult learning preferences and are responsive to multigenerational learning styles. We employ an active learning methodology that blends interactive instruction with experiential learning elements, online learning, and role-playing scenarios to create reference experiences that anchor key concepts and make new skills stick.

Why Choose Sales Gravy for Complex Selling Skills Training

Sales EQ is transformative for sales organizations. It differentiates your sellers in the marketplace by teaching them how to engage in meaningful human-to-human relationships with modern buyers. Most importantly, the Sales EQ system is easy to actualize and makes sense. It integrates seamlessly into your current sales process to elevate it rather than replace it.

Sales EQ is a perfect companion course to Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp or Virtual Selling Skills training and is an integral part of Sales Gravy’s complete system of sales training.

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Course Customization

At Sales Gravy, we are known for our ability to shape training around your culture, unique situation, and to speak your sales organization’s language.

This course may be fully customized for your industry, customer base, learner segment, and defined business development, sales, and account management processes. Modules may be grouped, adjusted, expanded, or removed as needed.

The Results:

  • Engaged learners
  • Training content assimilated faster
  • New skills stick
  • Long-term behavior change
  • Sales productivity acceleration
  • Significantly higher return on your training investment

To guide us while working with you and your team, we leverage a proven process – ADIO² – for developing and customizing powerful and engaging training curriculum and content specific to your unique situation.

Sales Gravy Proven Process for Sales Training Curriculum Customization


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