James Beaty has a passion for helping military recruiters become ultra-high performers. He helps recruiters and NCOICs improve productivity and performance by conquering their fear of rejection and deploying a set of balanced prospecting frameworks that get them past the stumbling blocks of perfectionism, procrastination and paralysis.

As a decorated military recruiter for the United States Army, James has nearly fifteen years of award-winning recruiting experience and held several key leadership positions throughout the command. He is a United States Army combat veteran and former Recruiting NCOIC, MEPS Guidance Counselor, and Investigations Team NCOIC.

Military recruiting units contact James when they are looking to accelerate their funnel and make mission fast. James believes if he can make just one recruiter’s life a little easier, he has succeeded in his mission.

    James Beaty Specializes In:

  • Prospecting and Recruiting Funnel Development
  • Recruiting EQ
  • Coaching Military Recruiting
  • Leveraging Social Media for Military Recruiting
  • Community and School Outreach in Military Recruiting

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