A good place to start is to analyze your customer service from your customer’s perspective.

Is providing exceptional customer service a top priority at your company?

Do all your customer-facing personnel work to exceed customer expectations and build customer loyalty?

Do you have a framework in place to ensure that everyone works to repeatedly satisfy customers to the point of long term loyalty?

Before you answer yes, are you comfortable that you have a system in place to solve problems when they do arise?

The checklist to happy and loyal customers looks simple, but I don’t think many companies can claim they have the checkmarks.

Can you?

  • Great product/service
  • Delivered, as promised
  • All touches with customer (from order to delivery and beyond) are provided with exceptional caring service
  • Effective system for resolving any negative customer service situation

Let’s start with a story of being a happy and loyal customer.

Our company regularly prints workbooks, laminates, leader guides and other training materials.

We’ve been in business so long, that it wasn’t all that long ago when we printed, collated and bound every workbook right in our own copy room down the hall.

Fast forward, for many years now we’ve moved to an entirely online process.

Mimeo.com is an online printing vendor that prints and ships all of our training materials.

In the entire history of being in business, now at over 20 years, we’ve never had any other vendor provide better service than Mimeo.

Now we’ve been with this vendor for long enough to interact with more than one account executive and each person we’ve dealt with has provided super service!

They get to know us so that they understand our business well enough to anticipate needs.

They respond quickly to phone and email requests.

The product is always delivered as seen on the screen when we place the order, and almost always delivered before the date promised.

Mimeo’s customer service has worked so well that we are bringing our customers to them.

We are now building private printing marketplaces for our licensee customers to order our licensed materials directly on Mimeo. Think about it.

We’ve handed over our multi-national licensee customer, who now orders hundreds of our workbooks each year to be printed and shipped to their locations throughout the world.

We trust Mimeo and they are reaping the benefits of a very loyal and happy customer!

So a good place to start is to analyze your customer service from your customer’s perspective.

How many of your customers are so satisfied that they would recommend you to their own customers?

Get the checklist out at your company and make sure that everyone is living by it.

About the author

Bill McCormick

Bill McCormick is the founder and president of Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR),…

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