How To Design An Effective Sales Call Plan

You are supposed to sell in such a way that people would prefer to work with you over anyone else. You need to be known, liked, and trusted.

Look at your last week’s calendar. How much of your time was spent face-to-face (or ear-to-ear) with your prospective clients?

Add in the time you spent with your actual clients, and it still probably isn’t very much time.

That means the time we spend with our prospects and clients is too valuable—and too rare—to not put a little thought into what we are going to do with that time.

This is exactly why you need to invest 15 minutes preparing for your face-to-face sales calls. Sales call planning gives you the best shot at success. Here are three keys for designing an effective sales call plan.

Value First

If you want to have a successful sales call, there isn’t a much better place to start than asking yourself what your prospective client needs from you at this stage of their process.

What are they going to find most valuable?

You are not successful unless your dream client believes that spending time with you was of greater benefit to them than spending that time with someone else, or working on something else.

Create a Preference

No one talks about this. More still, no one wants to look at this issue, because it is a variable that isn’t easy to control or influence.You are supposed to  be creating a preference for you, your company, and your solution.

You are supposed to sell in such a way that people would prefer to work with you over anyone else. You need to be known, liked, and trusted.

You need to have the advice that makes you someone who can fill in the gaps of your prospective client’s knowledge and experience.

Remember, you are vying for a position on your dream client’s team, and if they don’t choose you, there is a reason. Serving them where they are will give you a good start.

Control the Process

If you want to have an effective sales call, it has to do the work of creating enough value that you earn an absolute right to the next commitment.

This means you need to know what commitment you seek, and you have to help your dream client understand what she and her company are going to have to do to create change in their organization.

Your buyers need your help in giving them the best advice and guidance on managing the process inside their company.

Knowing how to manage that process makes you someone worth doing business with. Trading the value necessary to move forward improves the odds of gaining the next commitment, and puts you on the path to success.

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